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Europe Funds Second Plant Genomics Call

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – The ERA-NET Plant Genomics (ERA-PG) collaboration has released the list of researchers who have won awards through its second joint funding call, which has given roughly €16.5 million ($22.5 million) to a dozen research teams spread across Europe.

The program involves collaborators primarily in Europe, and this call is titled "Strengthening the European Research Area in Plant Genomics – integrating new technologies in plant science."

The first call, which went out in 2006, gave out €35 million to 29 researchers.

This funding call, announced on Thursday by European research funding arm CORDIS, included:

• €2.1 million to study associative expression and systems analysis of complex traits in oilseed rape/canola;

• €1.3 million to study meristematic regulatory network controlling the floral transition;

• €1.3 million to study calcium regulation of plant productivity;

• €902,000 to study plant alternative splicing and abiotic stress;

• € 1.2 million to study signaling to plant immunity responses;

• €1.4 million to study the application of genomics to dissect polycomb-group protein mediated control of plant development;

• €1.1 million to study the role of short RNAs on wood formation, cambium development and adaptation of the poplar tree;

• €744,000 to fund studies of plant receptor-like kinases in ROS signaling;

• €1.5 million to study pattern recognition receptors, including discovery, function, and application in crops for durable disease control;

• €1.5 million to study integrating genetics and high-throughput genomics to identify genes underlying tomato quantitative trait loci for metabolites that influence fruit quality;

• €1.3 million to study integrative genomic and genetic analysis of non-host resistance across triticeae species;

• €1.7 million to study mathematical, engineering, and post-genomics comparative biology to model the systems biology of seed dormancy after ripening and germination.

More information about the ERA-PG funding and its recipients is available here.

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