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Epigenomics and Biopsytec Cross-License Genetic Technologies

SAN FRANCISCO, April 25 - German biotechs Epigenomics and Biopsytec said on Thursday that they have cross-licensed each other's genetic analysis technologies.


Epigenomics has exclusive rights to use Biopsytec's Identification of Linkage Disequilibrium technology in pharmaceutical research and diagnostics. Biopsytec has exclusive rights to use Epigenomics' DNA-methylation technologies in agricultural research.


Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.


Epigenomics said it would apply ILD technology to discovery of new drug targets and the identification of the genetic causes of adverse side-effects in patient populations involved in clinical trials.


Biopsytec, an agricultural genetics company, plans to use the DNA-methylation technology to turn on and off genes to improve the results of animal and plant breeding.


"With Biopsytec being an agricultural specialist and Epigenomics focusing exclusively on human health care, this agreement is a perfect fit," Arno Heuermann, CEO of Biopsytec, said in a statement. "Each company provides the other with the complementary technologies that enable a comprehensive and unique approach to the two very different markets."


Both companies are based in Berlin.

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