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Ectycell Folded into Cellectis bioresearch

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – Cellectis Group today announced that its stem cell business unit Ectycell has merged with Cellectis bioresearch.

Cellectis Group also announced a €3.5 million ($4.1 million) capital increase into Cellectis bioresearch, which was subscribed for by French financial organization Caisse des Depots.

The merging of Ectycell into Cellectis bioresearch will combine the technologies of targeted gene editing and iPS cell-derived models, Cellectis Group said. As part of the new organization, Cellectis bioresearch and Ectycell's activities will be housed in one production facility.

On Dec. 30, 2013, all of Ectycell's shares were "contributed" to Cellectis bioresearch, which also carried out the €3.5 million capital increase in cash. Cellectis Group now holds a little more than 75 percent of Cellectis bioresearch's shares, while Caisse des Depots holds almost 25 percent, Cellectis Group said.