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Change is Good?


Usually citing a need for a moniker that better describes their mission, companies in the genomics sector seem to come up with new names as often as DNA replicates itself. Here we’ve listed 20 companies or organizations that either changed their name or merged under a new one in the years since GT has been covering this sector. See if you can match each new company name in the right column with its former self in the left column. Think the new name makes the corporate agenda any more obvious?


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1. AniGenics

2. Applied Metacomputing

3. BASF-Lynx

4. Edinburgh Biocomputing Systems

5. eDNA

6. GeneSys Technologies

7. GenMatics

8. LabBook

9. Myriad Proteomics

10. PPGx, then DNA Sciences Laboratories

11. Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals

12. Secant Technologies

13. Soane BioSciences

14. TurboGenomics

15. Incyte Genomics

16. Indiana Proteomics Consortium

17. Blackstone Technologies and Blackstone Computing

18. GeneFormatics and Structural Bioinformatics

19. Molecular Simulations, Synopsys Scientific Systems, Oxford Molecular, and Genetics Computer Group

20. Variagenics and Hyseq

21. Pyrosequencing




A. ProSanos

B. Axaron Bioscience

C. Prolexys

D. TurboWorx

E. Rescentris

F. Avaki

G. Incyte

H. Accelrys

J. Waban Software

K. InProteo

L. Acero

M. Biotage

N. MJ Bioworks

O. OpGen

P. Argentys

Q. Sirna

R. Aneda

S Pyxis Genomics

T. Cengent Therapeutics

U. Nuvelo

V. Aclara


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