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Calendar of Meetings, Deadlines, and Workshops




July 12 — Full proposal target date for NSF’s Genes and Genome Systems Cluster (PD 04-1112), which supports studies on genomes and genetic mechanisms in all organisms, whether prokaryote, eukaryote, phage, or virus.

July 12 — NSF’s first full proposal target date for PD 05-7473, Functional & Regulatory Systems research, which focuses on the evolution of fundamental physiological mechanisms in plants and animals, with emphasis on organisms as integrated systems. This area includes research at the genetic, genomic, cellular, tissue, organ, system, and organismal levels of organization.

July 15 — Young Investigator Award Competition deadline for HUPO 5th Annual World Congress.

July 21 — Application receipt deadline for the NIMH-funded project Implicating Noncoding RNAs in the Genetics of Mental Disorders. The R01 section of this award can be found under RFA-MH-07-040, while RFA-MH-07-041 covers a collaborative R01.

July 31 — Deadline to submit full applications for NSF’s Biological Physics program, which supports projects “in which analytical and experimental tools of physics are applied to the study of problems originating in the living world.” Apply to PD 03-7246 in FastLane.

August 1 — Regular abstract submission deadline for the American Society for Cell Biology’s 46th Annual Meeting. Late abstracts will be accepted through October 10.

August 4 — Abstract submission deadline for Cold Spring Harbor’s Pharmacogenomics meeting.

August 16RNAi Europe’s poster submission deadline.


August 17 — Letters of intent due for Pharmacogenetics of Fluoride (PAR-06-421) exploratory or developmental (R21) grant applications. Research projects should aim to identify and characterizefluoride-responsive genetic variations in humans or animal models. Full applications are due September 15.

September 8 — Abstract submission deadline for the 4th Symposium on the Functional Genomics of Critical Illness and Injury.

September 8 — Deadline to secure advance registration by mail, fax, or phone for Neuroscience 2006, the Society for Neuroscience’s 36th annual meeting.

September 18 — Opening day to send in applications for NSF’s Biomaterials Program PD 06-7623, which focuses on the study of biologically related materials and phenomena. Systems of interest include biomolecules; biomolecular assemblies and systems; and biomimetic, bio-inspired, or biocompatible materials.

September 24 — Application due date for NIH’s Innovations in Biomedical Computational Science and Technology and Exploratory Innovations in Biomedical Computational Science and Technology, PAR-06-410 and PAR-06-411 respectively.

October 9 — Full proposal target date for NSF 05-600, Microbial Observatories and Microbial Interactions and Processes activities. These awards will support research to discover and characterize novel microorganisms and microbial communities, and to study their roles in diverse environments.


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The Scan

Self-Reported Hearing Loss in Older Adults Begins Very Early in Life, Study Says

A JAMA Otolaryngology — Head & Neck Surgery study says polygenic risk scores associated with hearing loss in older adults is also associated with hearing decline in younger groups.

Genome-Wide Analysis Sheds Light on Genetics of ADHD

A genome-wide association study meta-analysis of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder appearing in Nature Genetics links 76 genes to risk of having the disorder.

MicroRNA Cotargeting Linked to Lupus

A mouse-based study appearing in BMC Biology implicates two microRNAs with overlapping target sites in lupus.

Enzyme Involved in Lipid Metabolism Linked to Mutational Signatures

In Nature Genetics, a Wellcome Sanger Institute-led team found that APOBEC1 may contribute to the development of the SBS2 and SBS13 mutational signatures in the small intestine.