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Calendar of Meetings, Deadlines, and Workshops




November 24 — Application due date for Near-Term Technology Development for Genome Sequencing projects to develop novel technologies that will substantially reduce the cost of genomic DNA sequencing. NHGRI has issued FOAs of identical scientific scope for this topic, including RFA-HG-06-015, RFA-HG-06-016, RFA-HG-06-017, RFA-HG-06-018, RFA-HG-06-019 that solicit applications under the R01, R21, R21/R33, SBIR R43/R44 and STTR R41/R42 grant mechanisms, respectively.


November 24 — Applications due at NHGRI in response to Revolutionary Genome Sequencing Technologies — The $1000 Genome, an initiative to spur development toward, you guessed it, ultra low-cost sequencing technologies. FOAs of identical scientific scope are running in parallel for this one, so check out RFA-HG-06-020, RFA-HG-06-021, RFA-HG-06-022, RFA-HG-06-023, RFA-HG-06-024 for details on applications under the R01, R21, R21/R33, SBIR R43/R44, and STTR R41/R42 grant mechanisms.


November 28 — Proposal deadline for NHGRI’s Technology Development for the Comprehensive Determination of Functional Elements in Eukaryotic Genomes. This is a reissuance of an RFA originally released in 2001, and is now being issued as two RFAs. For the R01 grant mechanism, see RFA-HG-07-029; R21 grant hopefuls should refer to RFA-HG-07-028.


November 30 — Application due date for the Knockout Mouse Project (KOMP) Repository (RFA-RR-06-005). The goal of the NIH-funded project is to generate a comprehensive resource of null mutant alleles using gene targeting mutagenesis in the   C57BL/6 mouse strain. Up to $4.8 million in total costs over four years is to be awarded through this FOA.


December 12 — Letters of intent due in response to the funding announcement for Targeting Diseases Caused by Protein Misfolding or Misprocessing (R01 and R21, PAR-06-479 and PAR-06-480). Applications should be received by the NIH no later than January 12, 2007.


December 20 — Letters of intent due for the second round of funding for Bioengineeriung Research Partnerships, PAR-06-456. Full applications are due at the NIH no later than January 22, 2007.


December 20 — Letters of intent due to NHGRI for the development of Centers for Excellence in Ethical, Legal and Social Implications Research (RFA-HG-06-025). NHGRI intends to commit approximately $3,300,000 (total costs) in FY 2007 to fund up to three specialized centers in response to this RFA. Applications are due January 16, 2007.


December 22 — Letters of intent due in response to RFA-MH-07-060, Limited Competition for Applications to Analyze Whole Genome Association Data for NIMH. Only applicants who have been chosen to participate in the Genetic Association Information Network (GAIN) initiative are eligible to apply. Full proposals are due January 22, 2007.



January 12 — Full proposal target date for NSF’s Genes and Genome Systems Cluster (PD-04-1112), which supports studies on genomes and genetic mechanisms in all organisms, whether prokaryote, eukaryote, phage, or virus.


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The Scan

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A Food and Drug Administration inspection uncovered problems with cross contamination at an Emergent BioSolutions facility, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Resumption Recommendation Expected

The Washington Post reports that US officials are expected to give the go-ahead to resume using Johnson & Johnson's SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.

Canada's New Budget on Science

Science writes that Canada's new budget includes funding for the life sciences, but not as much as hoped for investigator-driven research.

Nature Papers Examine Single-Cell, Multi-Omic SARS-CoV-2 Response; Flatfish Sequences; More

In Nature this week: single-cell, multi-omics analysis provides insight into COVID-19 pathogenesis, evolution of flatfish, and more.