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Biosystemix to Analyze Data for S2K to Find Predictive Disease Markers

NEW YORK, June 21 (GenomeWeb News) - Biosystemix will develop computational models based on genomic and proteomic data for S2K, a Canadian consortium of researchers, the company said today.


Under the partnership, Biosystemix of Kingston, Canada, will use its data mining algorithms to discover predictive molecular markers and models from gene expression, proteomics, and cellular immune response data generated by S2K in the areas of HIV, HCV, rheumatoid arthritis, and transplant rejection.


Intellectual property resulting from the analyses will form the basis for commercial products such as diagnostic and prognostic markers, according to the company.


S2K's program, "Functional Genomics, Pharmacogenomics and Proteomics of the Immune Response in Health and Immune Related Disorders", is funded by Genome Canada and Genome Quebec.

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