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BCW Index Reaches Milestone

BioCommerce Week and the BCW Index reached a milestone this week as the publication celebrates its one-year anniversary. A year ago, the editors of this publication and parent company GenomeWeb sought to launch a weekly newsletter that would track the events and business strategies of a selected group of companies competing in the multi-platform molecular biology tools space.

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At that time, we settled on 15 companies that best fit the model of providing researchers with an integrated array of molecular biology tools. Today, that list remains largely the same, with one substitution made during the year. At the beginning of July, Becton Dickinson was removed from the Index after selling its Clontech unit to Takara Bio, making way for Qiagen to be added as a component of the Index (see BioCommerce Week 7/7/2005).

It is likely that more firms will be added to and dropped from the Index as the industry evolves. For example, once Harvard Bioscience completes the sale or divestiture of its capital equipment business, that firm will be removed from the Index, as it will no longer fit the model of a multi-platform, molecular biology tools provider.

For the first 42 weeks, while BD was a component, the Index gained 10.3 percent. Since adding Qiagen, the Index is up 3.1 percent.

Over the same tracking period, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has gained only 2.7 percent, but tech stocks, in general, have done much better. The Nasdaq has risen 17.1 percent over the past 52 weeks, while the Nasdaq Biotech Index has posted a healthy gain of 12.6 percent over the past year.

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