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Are the industry’s stars misaligned? Genome Technology applied the little-known Astromatch pattern-recognition tool to explain a major genomics problem. 

Francis, Aries, born April 14, 1950 in Staunton, VA

Craig, Libra, born October 14, 1946 in Salt Lake City, UT


Francis’s Sun in Aries is in opposition to Craig’s Sun in Libra

Opposites do attract. You balance each other and complement each other''s deficiencies. You are important to each other. However, there can also be a clash of wills and egos, and you must respect the other''s personal autonomy if you are to get along. Any attempt for either to be the boss will meet with opposition.

Francis’s Moon in Pisces is square to Craig’s Uranus in Gemini

Long term, this is not a relationship that works out. You tend to make each other nervous and irritable, and you''re prone to disagreements. Emotional upsets and immature behavior often mark this relationship.


Francis’s Mercury in Taurus is in opposition to Craig’s Mercury in Scorpio

Relationship problems arise from differences in intellectual viewpoints and difficulties in communication. You are apt to disagree in matters of dress, personal hygiene, diet, or work habits.

Francis’s Mercury in Taurus is in opposition to Craig’s Mars in Scorpio

You have a tendency to lose patience with each other and get into arguments. Mercury sees Mars as too impulsive and aggressive, while Mars views Mercury as all talk and no action. If you are to get along, you must work hard at exercising patience and consideration in speech and communication.

Francis’s Mercury in Taurus is in opposition to Craig’s Jupiter in Scorpio

You will have many lengthy philosophical conversations that seem to go nowhere and prove nothing. Mercury sees Jupiter as being too big-picture oriented, broad and very general in thinking. Jupiter finds Mercury too hung-up on detail. In the long run, the two of you may have a good deal to teach one another.

Francis’s Mercury in Taurus is square to Craig’s Saturn in Leo

There is a tendency for the Saturn person to seem too conservative, opinionated, or negative at times, and to react negatively and impose heavy demands on Mercury in terms of mental discipline and work. Often, jealousy and resentment are involved.

Craig’s Mercury in Scorpio is trine to Francis’s Venus in Pisces

This combination indicates compatible ideas in the area of social activities and cultural pursuits. You are apt to enjoy mutual friends. You make excellent traveling companions.

Francis’s Venus in Pisces is trine to Craig’s Jupiter in Scorpio

This denotes mutual interests in social and cultural art forms, and religious, educational, and philosophical pursuits. You will stimulate each other''s interest and participation in religious and charitable activities.

Craig’s Venus in Scorpio is sextile to Francis’s Mars in Virgo

The Venus individual in this relationship is very helpful to the other in making actions more harmonious and socially acceptable, and in gaining financially and professionally. Mars, on the other hand, helps Venus overcome inertia and become productive.

Francis’s Mars in Virgo is square to Craig’s Uranus in Gemini

This combination makes for a volatile and unstable relationship. You tend to encourage each other toward ill-considered, impulsive acts. Mutual endeavors never seem to go as planned. In general, you are somewhat of a threat to each other''s authority and independence. Explosive outbursts of temper may characterize this combination.

Craig’s Venus in Scorpio is square to Francis’s Jupiter in Aquarius

There may be a serious departure in views regarding religion, education, or merely habits and taste. In this relationship the Jupiter individual is apt to think the other too self-indulgent. Venus may view Jupiter as too serious, and overly concerned with religion, philosophy, or culture.

Craig’s Mars in Scorpio is sextile to Francis’s Saturn in Virgo

This usually denotes a mutual constructive effort and discipline in professional, financial, or administrative affairs. The Saturn person helps the Mars person be more disciplined in actions. It is not a favorable indicator of romantic implications in the relationship, however.



Interpretation text © MichaelMcClain 1997:

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