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Applied Biosystems Launches New Proteomics Tools

NEW YORK, March 1 - Applied Biosystems announced on Thursday the release of a host of new commercially available proteomics tools.

In addition to the ICAT reagent technology, which was released earlier this week, Applied Biosystems said it had launced the oMALDI ion source, new software for the API QSTAR Pulsar Hybrid LC/MS/MS System, and a new version of the Rapid Integration Solution software for proteomics.

"To enhance proteomics as we did genomics in the late '90s will require the development of integrated systems of sample preparation, analysis and informatics technologies. These tools are the next step in that development,” Michael Hunkapiller, president of Applied Biosystems, said in a statement.

The oMALDI ion source and the Analyst, and BioAnalyst software packages for the API QSTAR Pulsar system allow researchers to get high quality MS and MS/MS data at higher throughput using MALDI ionization, Applied Biosystems said. Using the system, researchers can get the molecular weight of peptides through an initial round of mass analysis and then get amino acid sequence information through a second round of analysis.

The Analyst software is a data acquisition package that can be used with the BioAnalyst data processing module, allowing researchers to identify and characterize proteins.

The Rapid Integration Solution helps users to manage the large quantities of data generated by proteomics technologies.