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Affy Taps King for President of Life Sciences, Quantum Genomics Names Balavoine Head of Research, Hume to Head New BBSRC Research Center, and Others

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – Affymetrix has named Kevin King as executive vice president and president of its life sciences business, the company said this week.
King previously worked at Thomson Healthcare, where he oversaw growth and expansion, and he served as vice president and general manager at General Electric Healthcare and he spent fourteen years with Hewlett-Packard.

Quantum Genomics said this week it has appointed Fabrice Balavoine as head of research.
Balavoine will manage relations with research labs, help convert research into development, and will assist with preclinical development. He previously served as head of drug development at Cerep, and he was a project leader at Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie in Paris and at Harvard Medical School.
Company president and CEO Lionel Ségard said in a statement that Balavoine “will help accelerate QGC's progress through the development stages of our therapeutic products."

The UK’s Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and the University of Edinburgh jointly said this week they have appointed David Hume to be director of a new research center at the university.
The new center will study animal and human genetics, genomics and disease, and will have as many as 450 scientists on staff, the university said.
Hume is currently director of the ARC Special Research Center for Functional and Applied Genomics at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at the University of Queensland, Australia. Hume has specialized in genomics and has studied cellular function in the immune system.

Stefan Hoops, a computational systems biologist at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, has been named an SBML (Systems Biology Markup Language) editor. In this position, he will help manage the overall SBML development process. Members of the SBML community nominate and vote for SBML editors, who maintain the SMBL website, monitor discussions, edit the new specification, and organize annual SBML forum meetings. The current number of SBML editors has been expanded from two to five, each serving a term of three years.  

CoGenesys has appointed David U’Prichard to its board of directors. The company said the appointment of U’Prichard is the seventh and the last one necessary to fill its board.
U’Prichard is a partner at Red Abbey Venture Partners, and previously was a partner at Apax Partners. He also is president of Druid Consulting and served as CEO of 3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals, where he oversaw both the company’s IPO and its acquisition by Johnson & Johnson.
U’Prichard also was president and chairman of R&D at SmithKline Beecham (now GlaxoSmithKline), and was executive vice president and international research director at Seneca Pharmaceuticals.

Swiss compounds research company Tecan this week said its board of directors has appointed Matthew Robin and Carl Severinghaus to its group executive committee.
Robin will be responsible for the company’s liquid handling and robotics business, which is currently being managed by company CEO Thomas Bachmann. Robin previously was CEO of medical technology company Ypsomed, and was a senior manager at Disetronic Group.
Severinghaus worked previously with Beckman Coulter and the American Monitor Corporation, and now has fifteen years experience working at Tecan.
In his new position he will manage the company’s direct sales organization.

Aureus Pharma has named Jason Theodosiou as its new CEO. He takes the reins from former CEO and founder André Michel, who now will serve as chairman of the company’s supervisory board.
Theodosiou previously was COO at the company. Before that he worked in executive management at Elsevier MDL, Lion Bioscience, and EMAX/SciQuest.
Michel is a former professor of chemistry at Sherbrooke University in Canada. He founded the company in 2000.

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