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ACE Tries Out Gyros New System for MALDI-Mass-Spec Sample Prep

NEW YORK, Jan.7 - Gyros AB and ACE BioSciences struck a proteomics collaboration, Gyros announced Monday. The two will work together to test Gyros' new technique for miniaturizing and automating sample preparation for protein identification.


The Gyros system, now in prototype form, is designed to automate sample prep for MALDI mass spectrometry and boost sensitivity in protein identification. It is a new application of the company's core platform, by which laboratory processes are miniaturized and embedded into CDs for parallel preparation and processing.


By the terms of the partnership, ACE BioSciences will use the Gyros product for protein identification in its functional proteomics program. The company is "positioned to give us high-quality professional feedback," said Gyros executive vice president Pej Sjoeberg in a statement.


Uppsala, Sweden-based Gyros was spun off from Amersham Pharmacia Biotech in 2000.


ACE BioSciences, a functional proteomics company based in Odense, Denmark, is building a protein interaction database of pathogens. The company uses this database to identify novel microorganism drug targets.