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Abstracts & Grants Deadlines


December 2006

December 11 — Abstract submission deadline for Oncogenomics 2007. The meeting will take place from January 31 to February 3 in Phoenix, Ariz.

December 12 — Letters of intent due in response to the funding announcement for Targeting Diseases Caused by Protein Misfolding or Misprocessing (R01 and R21, PAR-06-479 and PAR-06-480). Applications should be received by NIH no later than January 12, 2007.

December 15 — Early registration closes for LabAutomation 2006, which is scheduled for January 27-31 in Palm Springs, Calif.

December 19 — Advance registration deadline for the AAAS annual meeting, which will be held in San Francisco from February 15-19.

December 20 — Letters of intent due for second round of funding for Bioengineering Research Partner-ships, PAR-06-456. Applications should be received by NIH no later than January 22, 2007.

January 2007

January 1 — Last day to register for the Fifth Asia-Pacific Bioinformatics Conference at the University of Hong Kong, January 15-17.

January 9 — Abstracts due for the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting, scheduled to begin June 1, 2007.

January 12 — Full proposal target date for NSF’s Genes and Genome Systems Cluster (PD-04-1112), which supports studies on genomes and genetic mechanisms in all organisms, whether prokaryote, eukaryote, phage, or virus.

January 12 — First full proposal due date for NSF’s Developmental Systems Cluster (PD-05-7471). Studies that explore the evolution of developmental mechanisms are encouraged; genomic approaches, gene networks, the integration of gene pathways, and computational approaches are included.

January 12 — Another full proposal due date at NSF, this time for the Cellular Systems Cluster (PD-04-1114), a program focusing on the structure, function, and regulation of plant, animal and microbial cells, and their interactions with the environment and with one another.

January 26 — Early registration closes for the 58th Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, scheduled to run from February 25 to March 2.

January 26 — Poster abstract submission deadline for the Society for Biomolecular Sciences Annual Conference in Montréal beginning April 15.

February 2007

February 1 — Closing date for applications to the DOE’s systems biology research program, Genomics: GTL. Project goals include developing science and technology to use microbial and plant systems for cost-effective renewable energy production, carbon sequestration, and environmental remediation. Award ceiling is set at $125,000,000.

February 2 — Deadline to get papers in for the ISMB/ECCB 2007 meeting, set to begin July 21, 2007 in Vienna.

February 14 — Late-breaking abstracts due for the American Association for Cancer Research 27th Annual Meeting. Advance registration for the meeting will end March 9.

February 14 — Abstracts due for the Biology of Genomes meeting, set to take place May 8-12 at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

February 16 — Abstracts due for HUGO’s 11th Human Genome Meeting in Montreal, starting May 21, 2007.

February 16 — Full proposals due in response to the Frontiers in Integrative Biological Research program (06-579). FIBR supports projects to identify major under-studied or unanswered questions in biology and use integrated research tools and concepts to address such questions. NSF is specifically targeting young scientists trained in an interdisciplinary environment or in non-biological disciplines for this program.

March 2007

March 1 — Poster submission deadline for the 11th Annual International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology (RECOMB), scheduled to kick off on April 21 in San Francisco.

March 11 — Posters due for the RNAi World Congress, set for Philadephia beginning on April 24.

March 11 — Last day to submit posters for the Cancer Proteomics World Congress, scheduled to start April 26 in Philadephia.

The Scan

Alzheimer's Risk Gene Among Women

CNN reports that researchers have found that variants in MGMT contribute to Alzheimer's disease risk among women but not men.

Still Hanging Around

The Guardian writes that persistent pockets of SARS-CoV-2 in the body could contribute to long COVID.

Through a Little Spit

Enteric viruses like norovirus may also be transmitted through saliva, not just the fecal-oral route, according to New Scientist.

Nature Papers Present Method to Detect Full Transcriptome, Viruses Infecting Asgard Archaea, More

In Nature this week: VASA-seq approach to detect full transcriptome, analysis of viruses infecting Asgard archaea, and more.