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ABI Alumnus Goes to Intragen; Agilent Treasurer to Count Beans for Art World; DeCode Hires New Corporate Development VP; and Others

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) — French gene mapping and bioinformatics company Intragen said this week it has named Emmanuel Martin its director of sales and marketing for its new Genetic Research Services division. He will be responsible for promoting the company’s genotyping services.
Martin spent eight years at Applied Biosystems in France as a sales specialist in genotyping and gene expression and he has a background of six years as a researcher in molecular biology.

Agilent Technologies this week said that Senior Vice President of Finance and Treasurer David Cooper will leave the company effective Nov. 3 to join as its CFO.
Corporate controller Didier Hirsch will become vice president and controller and Hilliard Terry, director of investor relations, will move into the role of vice president and treasurer at Agilent. Terry will continue to serve in his present position until the company names a successor.

DeCode Genetics has appointed Jakob Sigurdsson senior vice president of corporate development. For the past two years Sigurdsson has been CEO and president of the multinational foods company Alfesca, and he previously worked in the US and in Europe for Rohm and Haas company.
DeCode said Sigurdsson’s multinational experience should be benefit the company as it works to expand its product development and diagnostics for international pharmaceutical companies.  

Scripps Health this week said it has opened a new program, the Translational Science Institute and Genomic Medicine program, and it has named Eric Topol its chief academic officer.
The institute will focus on defining genes that are linked to particular diseases, and then use those findings to pursue new drug therapies.
Topol was chair of the department of cardiovascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic for 15 years. He was recently named one of the 10 most cited researchers in medicine, and his work on the genomics of coronary disease led to the discovery of the first autosomal dominant mutation inducing coronary disease and heart attack.

NextBio, the maker of a data and information sorting platform, said it has appointed its founding scientific advisory board. Members of the SAB include:
Leroy Hood, president and co-founder of the Institute for Systems Biology; Ronald Davis, director of the Stanford University’s GenomeTechnologyCenter and is professor of biochemistry and genetics at Stanford’s School of Medicine; Mostafa Ronaghi, co-founder of NextBio and co-founder of Pyrosequencing (now Biotage) and ParAllele Bioscience; Keith Joho, senior manager at Ingenuity Systems, SurroMed, Abgenix, Roche Bioscience, and SUGEN;
Nick Tsinoremas, senior director of informatics at Scripps Florida; and Saeed Tavazoie, professor of molecular biology at the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics at Princeton University.

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