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The 8th Annual Salary Survey


The innate drive to ascend the career ladder usually goes hand-in-hand with the desire to evaluate how your current status — and prospects for the future — stack up against those of your peers. In an effort to help our loyal readers find out exactly where they stand, Genome Technology conducted its eighth annual salary survey this spring — we're pleased to report that 1,640 readers responded to a slew of queries about compensation, expectations for their present employment situations, benefits packages, and much more.

Our survey kicks off with lots of demographic data to give you a clear sense of where our readers live and work, what positions they hold, and their educational and professional experience levels. This year's survey also includes plenty of information on raises, something that — no matter what position or title you occupy — will most likely pique your curiosity.

While the opinions of economic talking heads remain divided on whether the recession is finally over, our data seem to suggest that the dark economic clouds of the last few years are slowly giving way to a brighter 2010. We are happy to report that only 0.3 percent of our respondents indicated that they're currently unemployed — compared to last year's survey, which reported a 3.17 percent unemployment rate. Roughly 88 percent of our respondents reported that their last employer is still in business and nearly 60 percent said that their current employer hasn't had layoffs in the last year.

To collect all the data, GT emailed a link to our online survey to subscribers, and gently nudged as many to participate as possible by following up. We then collated and analyzed the responses in early May.

The 8th Annual Salary Survey

Demographic Data, part one
Demographic Data, part two
Type of Region by Organization, Raises Expected by Organization, Layoffs and Pay Cuts by Organization, Moving On and Up by Organization
Organization Size, Employment Status, Grant Funding Awarded, Reason for Leaving Last Job, Common Benefits, Datapoints
Median Salary by Region
Median Salary by Title and Organization Type

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