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At $493M, NHGRI s Proposed FY 2005 Budget Marks Modest Increase over FY 2004

NEW YORK, May 25 (GenomeWeb News) - President Bush's budget request for the 2005 fiscal year includes $492.7 million for the National Human Genome Research Institute - an increase of $13.8 million and 2.9 percent over NHGRI's final appropriation for FY 2004.


The proposed budget -- if approved in its entirety by the House and Senate appropriations committees in the fall - would mark the lowest year-over-year increase for NHGRI in a decade.


The FY 2005 request for NHGRI earmarks $359.4 million for 326 research grants - up from $344.2 million for 295 grants in FY 2004. Of its total research grant budget for FY 2005, NHGRI expects to award $134.5 million for 249 research project grants and $211.9 million for 31 research center grants.


NHGRI said it plans to support 157 pre- and postdoctoral trainees in full-time positions during FY 2005, with a training budget of $7.5 million - the same budget it had for training in FY 2004.


NHGRI has cut its R&D contract budget by nearly 30 percent in FY 2005, however. In FY 2004, 10 R&D contracts were awarded, totaling $18.1 million. NHGRI said it plans to increase the number of R&D contracts awarded in FY 2005 to 20, but will curtail its available funds to $12.9 million.


NHGRI is requesting funding to create only one new position in FY 2005, for a total headcount of 289 full-time employees.


An overview of the proposed budget for NHGRI in FY 2005 is available here, and a detailed breakdown of the NHGRI's budgeting justification can be found here.


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