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Personalized Medicine and Public Policy

Personalized Medicine Coalition's Amy Miller and PCPGM's Heidi Rehm discuss personalized medicine and public policy, sequencing in the clinic, and more.

New York Genome Center's Nancy Kelley

We sat down with Nancy Kelley, founding executive director of the New York Genome Center, to discuss the formation of the center, bringing personalized medicine to New Yorkers, and more. Plans for the formation of the New York Genome Center were announced earlier this month. The center is slated to officially launch in the spring of 2012.

Mouse Informatics at the Jackson Lab

The Jackson Lab's Carol Bult discusses her institute's mouse informatics resources.

A Conversation with Bud Mishra

We sat down with NYU's Bud Mishra to discuss ongoing project in the NYU Bioinformatics lab and more.

A Conversation with Eric Schadt Part II

Here's part two of our conversation with Eric Schadt.

A Conversation with Eric Schadt Part I

Eric Schadt discusses the work of Mount Sinai's Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology.

A Conversation with Andrea Califano

In this video, Columbia University's Andrea Califano discusses algorithm development and more.

Sponsored Video: Genscript- Magical and revolutionary 7-min Protein Gel Staining eStain 2.0 Protein Staining System

The eStain™ 2.0 Protein Staining System, applying GenScript’s patent-pending electric staining technology...

Sponsored Video: BGI- Next Generation Sequencing in Animal & Plant Research

In January 2010, BGI launched the 1,000 Plant & Animal reference genomes project and called for collaboration from around the world...

Sponsored Video: Singulex- High-Definition Immunoassay Technology

Singulex couples robust microparticle-based immunoassays with proprietary single-molecule counting technology...