Sponsored Video: PreAnalytiX – PAXgene Tissue System

A New Standard in Tissue Fixation-Preserves Histomorphology and Nucleic Acids

NYC's Mayor Bloomberg Visits the New Home of the New York Genome Center

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg stopped by the new site of the New York Genome Center at 101 Sixth Avenue in Manhattan on Tuesday. While the center did lose out on the $100 million genius school grant last year, Bloomberg dug into his own deep coffers and offered up $2.5 million to help establish the new site.

A Tour of IMGM's Sequencing Lab

In this video, Julia Karow, editor of In Sequence and Clinical Sequencing News, visits IMGM Laboratories in Martinsried, Germany. Ralph Oehlmann, director of business development at IMGM, gives a tour of their sequencing lab and discusses their development of metagenomic services.

A Conversation with Geisinger Health System's David Ledbetter at ACMG

BioArray News editor Justin Petrone caught up with David Ledbetter, CSO of Geisinger Health System, at the recent Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting held in Charlotte, NC, to discuss the future of CMA as a first-tier test, classifying findings of uncertain significance, and more.

A Conversation with the American Museum of Natural History's George Amato

The American Museum of Natural History's George Amato, director of the museum's Sackler Institute for Comparative Genomics, discusses conservation and "landscape" genetics, his PLoS One paper on the use of DNA barcoding to detect illegal bushmeat in New York-area airports, and more.

Shashikant Kulkarni at ACMG

BioArray News editor Justin Petrone sat down with Shashikant Kulkarni, an associate professor at Washington University School of Medicine at St. Louis, to discuss chromosomal microarrary analysis in the clinic, SNP arrays versus CGH platforms for post-natal testing, and more.