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Microarrays & Multiplexing

The Scottish firm's product pipeline includes an identification test for bacterial gastroenteritis and genes for Carbapenem resistance.

Six out of 61 miRNAs in a prospective cardiovascular disease study could be reliably measured from plasma samples after more than a dozen years in liquid nitrogen.

Researchers found that array-based testing and exome sequencing contributed uniquely to ASD diagnosis, and that the diagnostic yield of testing was higher in complex autism cases.

A prototype chip enabled by so-called fractal circuit sensors was able to rapidly assess predictive mRNA biomarkers in donor lung tissue samples.

The new workflow uses barcoding and pooling for an eight-fold increase in throughput and an 85 percent decrease in cost per cell.

Labelled nucleotides
Cartridge and device for analyzing biological samples using temperature-controlled biological reactions
Chemical sensor with sidewall sensor surface
Cartridge for an amplification process
Surface treatment
Polymeric carriers for immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization

Fed up with budget slashes, job cuts, and muzzling mandates, researchers in Canada are making science a campaign issue in the upcoming elections.

A former NIH program officer says the Internet has blasted open the door for scientific publications more interested in dollars than quality research.

This Week in Science: New research into the emergence of infectious diseases, and scientists report on proteins involved in melanoma.

The hashtag #stupidcommonnames is gaining fans among scientists who find the common names of animals and plants dumb.