Ancient Genome Analysis Indicates Three Ancestral Populations Contributed to Modern-day Europeans


PacBio Long Reads Assess Antibiotic Resistance Plasmids in Wake of Enterobacteriaceae Outbreak


NuView, Otsuka Team up to Develop, Commercialize Biomarker for Breast, Prostate Cancer


Medical University of Vienna to Evaluate Angle's CTC Capture System


Metdia to Commercialize Metabolon Diabetes Tests in Europe


Mt. Sinai to Open Clinical NGS Lab; Aims to Sequence 1 Million Individuals in Resilience Project


Claritas Expands NGS-based Diagnostic Tests for Pediatric Disorders, Broadens Customer Base


Large-scale Sequencing Studies ID Variants Associated with Lower Lipid Levels, Less Heart Disease


Targeted Sequencing of ctDNA a Close Match to Metastatic Biopsies in Breast Cancer Study


Recent Clinical Sequencing Papers of Note