Marie Curie Experienced Researcher/post-doc position in metabolic network analysis

LifeGlimmer GmbH
Job Location: 
Berlin, Germany
Job Description: 

LifeGlimmer ( is a start up founded in 2012 with the goal of providing to the Biotechnological, Biomedical and Environmental Research Communities an efficient way to outsource Scientific Computing needs.

We have an open post-doc position in the systems medicine EU project PerFuMe ( which aims to unravel principles of peroxisome biology. The candidate will be embedded in a computational team and his/her major tasks are on data integration and visualisation, and on the reconstruction of peroxisomal metabolic networks in mammalian cells and yeast based on heterogeneous “omics” data (e.g. transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, genomics).

We offer:
* 18 months full-time position;
* Good salary plus mobility allowance;
* Training in complementary skills and techniques via courses and visits to other labs in the Network.

Please apply electronically to until July 13th 2014 with your CV, cover letter and supporting information in a single document (max. 3MB).


The candidate should have an MSc/PhD degree and fluent English language skills. Ideally he/she has a strong background from molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics or related field. Basic knowledge of of computational systems biology is appreciated.

Due to administrative requirements of EU the candidate must have:
* 4 to 5 years full-time research experience (e.g. PhD training) since finishing an MSc/Diploma degree;
* Not worked or studied in Germany for more than 12 months in the last 3 years.

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About Our Organization: 

We are a customer-oriented consulting and contract research company with the goal of providing the biotechnological, biomedical and environmental research communities an efficient way to outsource scientific modeling and computing needs. From its start, and building upon the expertise of the founders and associates, LifeGlimmer will provide Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis to a number of academic, health and industrial institutions. LifeGlimmer’s core activities have been essential in various international projects (such as the ERA-NET Pathogenomics and various EU-FP7 projects) and industrial research contracts. LifeGlimmer is a member of the large Industrial Platform Kluyver Centre for Industrial Fermentations, The Netherlands. In addition to the IT-resource infrastructure and knowledge for genome-scale metabolic and dynamic modeling, as well as on reverse engineering, expertise includes data warehousing and visualization, data mining, data integration and management, algorithm implementation, process scheduling, and on-the-cloud computing. This has been applied in a number of research settings, both in industry and academia. LifeGlimmer is a development stage venture based in Berlin offering proprietary technology that dramatically improves the functionality and performance of LifeScience research. LifeGlimmer's core algorithms and expertise solve a number of immediate problems in the biotechnology market by significantly boosting the performance of integrated computational analyses without costly specialized hardware. LifeGlimmer provides high-quality software solutions and integrated data analysis services in the areas of innovative diagnostics, personalized and systems medicine, as well as in white biotechnology and synthetic biology. Owing to the high market demands and the timing, LifeGlimmer will be targeting healthcare segments that include other vertical industries heavily relying on medical healthcare, systems medicine, environmental air/water quality monitoring, and industrial processing sectors.

Furthermore, LifeGlimmer offers manpower where research groups needs help in organising and managing and strategic planning from the level of identifying consortium partners, preparing, integrating and evaluating grant proposals to management of approve d projects. The project management team provides customers with expert advice and necessary support at all stages of a project. Through a wide number of projects, the members of the PM team are very well connected to project managers in the European life sciences infrastructure. Thus, LifeGlimmer offers unique combined resources in biotechnology and managing needs for researchers.