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Icahn School of Medicine
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We are looking for a data scientist to apply computational approaches to effectively collect and analyze the vast amounts of data made possible by modern genetic and genomic technologies and large-scale collaborative projects. The successful candidate will apply independent problem solving requiring the application of existing and emerging scientific and statistical knowledge. The successful applicant will engage in a wide variety of collaborative projects with geneticists, bioinformaticians, statistical analysts, immunologists and clinicians, therefore the applicant should possess the ability to work in a highly collaborative and intellectually challenging environment. This position requires the application of independent problem solving requiring the.
This position will be responsible for applying existing and emerging scientific and statistical knowledge to ensure data accuracy, integrity and documentation for large genetic studies. Work will focus on analysis and publication of studies in a wide array of clinical, translational, genetic and immunology research.

Essential functions and key responsibilities include
1. Computational and statistical analysis of genome and transcriptome sequencing studies
2. Support for data collection for genetic studies- ensuring data accuracy, integrity and documentation,
3. Developing and implementing appropriate statistical analysis and data management approaches to address project objectives
4. Assessment of immune-related gene expression in a variety of tissue types and gut microbiome.
5. Providing feedback to guide experimental design or project focus
6. Development of query reports and preparing results for presentation
7. Maintaining and manipulating large and complex datasets to perform statistical analysis and produce statistical reports.
8. Assisting investigators with writing methods and results sections of grants and research manuscripts
9. Integrating multiple clinical and immunological data sets to identify novel discoveries and directions


1. A strong team player who is hardworking, able to provide quality support and contribute to the success of the research team.
2. Demonstrated ability to work concurrently on several projects with critical deadlines, and good understanding of research and database complexities to do independent research as well as assist and train other researchers.
3. Master’s or PhD in bioinformatics or related field with experience in research.
4. Significant experience in computer programming (MATLAB, R, or equivalent) with a desire to focus on computational biological applications
5. Excellent oral and written communication skills, to conduct both independent and collaborative computational research .
6. Demonstrated knowledge of statistics, statistical genetics, and bioinformatics concepts, methods and tools. Working knowledge of human genetics and sequencing technologies Familiarity with genomic data tools and databases.
7. Strong attention to detail and analytical skills. Experience with MS Office, especially Access, and other statistical programs, and working with SQL.

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