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Broad Institute
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Our team aims to understand the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease in order to accelerate its treatment. We are using a combination of physiologically relevant cell-based assays, novel mouse models based on genetic variants identified in patients, patient samples, and computational analyses to understand disease pathophysiology.

We are looking for a postdoctoral associate to investigate the mechanisms of host-microbiome interactions in inflammatory bowel disease, based on genes and pathways implicated from genetic association studies in humans, and on microbial effectors implicated through ongoing collaborations with the Human Microbiome Project. Of special interest are the cellular components and regulatory networks which interact dynamically within temporal, spatial and patho-physiological contexts of innate immunity in human health and disease. We use integrative systems approaches that closely couple genome-wide experimentation with high throughput assays and computational methods to identify novel pathways in immunity.

PhD in immunology, cell biology or molecular biology

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