Clinical Genomics Analyst

Thomson Reuters - IP& Science (Life Sciences)
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East Coast based


Job Description: 

Job Title: Clinical Genomics Analyst

Job Family and Band: Development specialist 3Division: Life Sciences

Reports To: Director of Product Strategy

Main Purpose of Job:

*Business experience plus, but Academic is fine in a setting where building solutions to analyze genomic data /profiles
*Clinical setting
*BioInformatics background plus
*East coast based

The Clinical Genomics Analyst is responsible for providing expertise in the clinical utility of molecular information, defining clinical molecular pathology workflows based on market needs and bringing together internal bioinformatics innovation into novel solutions. Based on the existing foundation of solutions that support NGS analysis, including manual curated gene variant content and biological pathway analytics, these solutions will be used for biological interpretation of molecular information including mutation impact assessment, prioritisation of genomic variants and identification of clinical diagnostic and treatment options. Working with the product manager and product development, the primary responsibility is to understand the workflow needs of key stakeholders within current target market segments and convert those into the workflow and bioinformatics product requirements and pilot solutions to aid product feedback and iterative development. The role is also responsible, in collaboration with cross functional teams, to drive innovative thinking in creating workflows that expand the target market segments and refining pilot workflow solutions. Other key responsibilities include support of implementation of Life Science solutions with commercial partners

The role includes global responsibility although the priority will be NA and EU.

Direct Reports:

Other Main Contacts:
Product Development
Technology & analytics
Sales and Solutions Specialists
Disruptive innovation
Product Manager, Precision Medicine


Main accountabilities:
1. Working with users, identify key workflow needs and communicate clinical workflow solution requirements to meet user need
2. In conjunction with product development, leverage existing relevant technology and content resources to deliver customer facing workflow pilots.
3. Define genomic variant prioritisation and interpretation criteria in conjunction with external advisors and internal innovation teams and provide solution requirements
4. Define implementation of novel bioinformatic algorithms within the clinical workflow
5. Drive innovation in developing workflows for clinical genomics, and provide recommendations for investment
6. Collaborate with external commercial partners to ensure effective implementation of Thomson Reuters solutions

• MSc/PhD in bioinformatics or computational biology
• Familiarity with cancer genomics in a clinical setting
• Development of NGS analysis workflows for molecular patient data interpretation, specifically, definition of genomic variant prioritisation, interpretation workflows and clinical report generation
• Extensive knowledge of coding languages for bioinformatic tool development, such as R, Perl or Python, Java and SQL.
• Experience in working with a variety of end user stakeholders in creating new solutions and workflows
• Experience in working with biological pathway content sets for data analysis and other large multi-dimensional data sets
• Experience in integrating multiple pathology data points into decision making preferred
• Experience in working with a team having diverse skill sets.
• Strong facilitation skills.
• Excellent oral and written English communications.
• Well organized and disciplined with regards to policy, procedure and standards.

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