Genome Analyst

Personal Genome Diagnostics
Job Location: 
Baltimore, Maryland


Job Description: 

We are looking for an awesome individual to join our new venture in Baltimore , Maryland. We are a cancer genomics biotech start-up performing genome-wide sequencing for patients with cancer and investigators studying this dreadful disease. The position involves analysis of the genetic code from tumors to determine the presence of mutations. The work has the potential to help researchers and more importantly patients in their fight against this cancer. There is no need to have expert knowledge in this area, we will train you. The best applicants will be individuals who are attentive to detail and have a track record of excellence.

The Genomic Analyst will work as part of a team at Personal Genome Diagnostics to execute laboratory-based diagnostic analyses for research and clinical use under research-use and CLIA environments.

• Perform genetic and genomic analyses of research and patient samples using standard and next generation sequencing approaches
• Report genetic and genomic analysis results under research-use and CLIA environments
• Plan and carry out focused analyses to evaluate the sensitivity, robustness and scalability of laboratory and bioinformatics methods under development
• Facilitate transition of select technologies to research scale-up and platform teams


A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Biological Science is required.
Prior knowledge of genetics or cancer biology is desirable.
History of achievement and hard work
Appreciation for excellence
Familiar and experienced in Microsoft Excel
Some knowledge or at least an appreciation of cancer and genetics

Contact Information: 

Sian Jones, Ph.D.
Director, Genomics
Personal Genome Diagnostics
2809 Boston Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21224

About Our Organization: 

Understanding the genetic sequence of individual patients is becoming an important feature of medical care. This is particularly true in cancer, where the accumulation of genetic alterations in the tumor represents a universal feature of the disease. Until now, the ability to use genetic alterations for cancer research and treatment has been limited by the complexity of such alterations and the technical challenges of identifying these alterations in individual patients. The development of new analytic technologies and growing availability of targeted therapies are creating the opportunity to exploit these genetic alterations to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The founders of Personal Genome Diagnostics (PGDx) at Johns Hopkins University are international leaders in cancer genetics who were the first to perform genome-wide sequence analyses of human cancer. Over the past 25 years, they have described the principles underlying the genetic basis of human cancer and have identified many of the alterations responsible for its development.

PGDx was launched in 2010 to bring state-of-the-art genetic analyses to cancer researchers, physicians and patients. PGDx has developed proprietary techniques that identify mutations found in patients’ tumors in order to characterize unique aspects of the disease. The unique aspects of this approach include proprietary methods for extracting genetic material from frozen or fixed tumor samples, high-throughput next generation sequencing, patented approaches for novel genetic analyses, and proprietary data analysis algorithms. PGDx has also developed technology that uses patient-specific tumor alterations to create a simple blood test that is being developed for tumor detection and monitoring. The company’s proprietary approaches for patient-specific analyses of cancer using digital technologies are expected to help provide new avenues for personalized approaches to cancer treatment.