Automation Methods Development and Implementation Engineer

CNAG - Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico
Job Location: 
Barcelona, Spain
Job Description: 

We seek an engineer for upstream methods development for 2nd generation sequencing on Illumina platforms and to implement the methods on the high throughput NGS robots (in particular for sample preparation procedures).
The successful candidate will report to the Head of Sequencing.

1.Development and implementation of new sample preparation procedures for DNA and RNA sequencing
2.Implementation of new sequencing methods on NGS robots


1.PhD in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology or similar
2.Ability to work reliably and autonomously, to pay attention to detail, effective troubleshooting skills and also to work as part of a team
3.Computer literacy is essential
4.Able to understand and speak English
5.Experience with the current generation of DNA sequencing technology
6.Experience with liquid handling robots

Contact Information: 

Interested candidates may submit a CV and a brief statement of experience and interests before April 25, 2014 indicating the reference cnag_engineer_development in the message subject to the email address:

Applications must be submitted in English.

About Our Organization: 

The CNAGs primary mission is to carry out large-scale DNA sequence analysis projects in human and other species in collaboration with researchers in Catalonia, Spain and internationally.

One of the primary goals will be to generate and interpret the genome data that will help understand the way a human or other genome functions so that this information can then be used for the improvement of human health or the sustainable and durable generation of nourishment. The two main axes of activity will be the production of large amounts of DNA sequence efficiently and its informatics handling.