System & Methodology reviewer for molecular diagnostics company

Eureka Genomics
Job Location: 
Hercules, CA
Job Description: 

Wishing to hire a biotech consultant to perform a systems and methodology review of current Eureka Genomics (EG) practices in regards to research and its translation into kits and services.

This audit should include all aspects including but not limited to Development of Product Descriptions, Project Management, IP, SOPs, Quality Systems, Accounting, Hiring Practices, Interactions between Offices, etc.
The selected person is expected to perform a site visit and one-on-one meetings with all staff to provide additional assessment of strengths and weaknesses.
Output will be a document that clarifies and stratifies risks and recommends any corrective action(s).
A successful accomplishment of tasks required above may lead to other opportunities


PhD level, biology or similar
At least 10 years of experience managing a team focused of developing diagnostics.
Knowledge of Next Gen Sequencing a plus, not a must.

Contact Information: 

Didier G. Perez
415 269 0666

About Our Organization: 

Eureka Genomics (EG) develops Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based assays and diagnostics for clinical, animal and crop applications based on relevant genetic markers. The company is currently developing molecular diagnostics for the identification of hereditary colorectal cancer, prostate cancer and XDR MTB.