Postdoc - Computational biology, Genomics

IEO (European Institute of Oncology)
Job Location: 
Milan, Italy
29-32k Euro

Relocation fee

Job Description: 

Dr. Gioacchino Natoli
Laboratory of transcriptional regulation in inflammation and cancer
Department of Experimental Oncology
European Institute of Oncology (IEO)
Milan, Italy


One postdoctoral position for a computational biologist to work on the epigenetic and transcriptional control of macrophage responses and inflammation in the group of Dr. Gioacchino Natoli at the European Institute of Oncology (IEO), Milan.

We are looking for a highly motivated scientist with a strong interest in transcriptional regulation and epigenetics. The successful candidate will work in close collaboration with wet biologists and will be in charge of developing computational and statistical methods to analyze next-generation sequencing data obtained from human macrophages and related cells (including ChIP-Seq and RNA-Seq data).

Computational programming skills are required.

Competitive salary, commensurate with experience and track record, and benefits.

Please send a CV, a one-page statement of research interest and contact information for two-three referees to Gioacchino Natoli at

Recent publications:

Latent enhancers activated by stimulation in differentiated cells. Cell. 152: 157-71 (2013).

Hdac3 requirement for the inflammatory gene expression program Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 109:E2865-74 (2012)

The histone methyltransferase Mll4 controls macrophage function through glycosylphosphatidylinositol anchor synthesis. Immunity 36, 572-585 (2012)

A large fraction of extragenic RNA Pol II transcription sites overlap enhancers. PLoS Biology 8(5): e1000384. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1000384 (2010).

Identification and characterization of enhancers controlling the inflammatory gene expression program in macrophages. Immunity, 32:317-28. Epub 2010 Mar 4 (2010).

Non-cooperative interactions between transcription factors and clustered DNA binding sites enable graded transcriptional responses to environmental inputs. Molecular Cell 37, 418-428 (2010)

Contact Information: 

Dr. Gioacchino Natoli