R&D Associate II, Protein Purification

Job Location: 
Gaithersburg, MD
Job Description: 

The candidate will execute laboratory work related to protein purification and characterization to support the development of mAbs, non-antibody proteins and subunit vaccine products. The focus will be on the design, execution and analysis of purification activities with the perspective of future clinical manufacturing. The position requires collaborating with other Research and Development groups in order to meet project timelines and company goals.Additional job expectations include:

* critically reviewing analytical and process data, understanding process operations and contributing to appropriate experimental plans.
* The candidate must be able to maintain accurate records of all experiments and data.
* He/she is expected to present data at group meetings and project team meetings.


Required Education &Experience:

* BS in Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, or related field with 2 - 5 years of relevant industrial experience.
* MS in Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, or related field with 0 - 3 years of relevant industrial experience.
* The candidate should have experience in protein purification, including chromatography, filtration, tangential flow filtration, viral inactivation, and harvesting methods.
* He/she should be able to operate LC/HPLC/filtration systems and perform basic analytical techniques such as HPLC assays and SDS-PAGE.
* The individual should show a good understanding of protein biochemistry, and working knowledge of analytical tools for protein characterization. Familiarity with statistical design of experiments is a plus.
* The candidate is expected to be highly team oriented, organized, efficient, and capable of executing multiple projects with some independence.
* The candidate must be capable of critical thinking and attention to detail to support the preparation and review of development reports and presentations.
* Excellent writing and communication skills are a prerequisite.