Sequencing and Genotyping Project Leader

Genome Center, University of California, Davis
Job Location: 
Davis, CA
$4422.00 - $7959.00 monthly

Standard UC benefits

Job Description: 

The Genome Center invites applications for the position of Sequencing and Genotyping Project Leader who will work independently with researchers to develop optimal strategies for their sequencing and genotyping projects. The incumbent will be responsible for the execution of projects from their inception to completion for a large number of on and off campus customers, including, planning experiments in order to investigate sequence differences, process and track large numbers of DNA samples for multiple on- and off-campus users and assist in interpretation of the results. The incumbent will operate and maintain sophisticated robotic and analytical instrumentation and provide supervision to three SRA IIs. More details can be found at


The position requires a Masters degree in genetics, molecular biology or equivalent. The incumbent should have demonstrated extensive experience in planning research projects and interacting with researchers. Knowledge to provide contributions of original ideas to the design and analysis of sequence data and protocols is required. The incumbent must have demonstrated experience in management of high throughput sequencing projects and in current sequencing technologies. A complete list of minimum qualifications can be found at

Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer

Contact Information: 

To view the position and to submit an application on-line visit; requisition number #03011662

About Our Organization: 

The UC Davis Genome Center integrates experimental and computational approaches to address key biological problems in genomics. The Genome Center has five service cores that operate on a recharge basis to provide diverse research groups on and off campus with access to state–of-the-art technologies and technical staff on an at-cost, as-needed basis. The DNA Technologies and Expression Analysis Cores provide a broad range of services with particular emphasis on high-throughput DNA sequencing, genotyping, and expression analysis.