Computational biologist - alignment

Seven Bridges Genomics
Job Location: 
Cambridge, MA
Job Description: 
  • You know genomics and you like to share your knowledge. You have broad competence in thefield and expert knowledge of some part of it.
  • You know how to tell good information from bad, how to draw interesting and intellectually responsible results from good information, and how to communicate those results in an accurate and engaging way.
  • You are ready to refine your knowledge and to keep learning about a quickly changing field.
  • You know BLAST, BWA, BWA-MEM, Bowtie, SeqAn, and Cortex, including the subtle differences between them.
  • You know how choosing one or another of these programs will affect variant calling. You are an expert in some high-performance computer language (C++, perhaps).
  • You can explain mappability, coverage, and paired-end resolution strategies.
  • You will work with our industry-leading team and data to plan, write, and publish articles and results.
  • You will find the best venues and methods to explain your results to the community. You have academic publications, a good blog, or other experience writing about science.
  • Requirements: 
  • An advanced degree in biology, bioinformatics, or a related discipline.
  • The proven ability to write about science in a rigorous, academic manner.
  • The proven ability to communicate science to non-expert audiences.
  • Contact Information: 

    please send all inquiries along with resumes (including cover letters) to

    About Our Organization: 

    Seven Bridges Genomics ( is building the most advanced cloud computing platform for genomics data analysis on the market. Voted “Best of Bio IT World 2013”, we enable researchers to analyze genomic data faster and more efficiently than ever possible, so that they can focus on advancing the fields of genomics and personalized medicine.