Molecular Biology Laboratory Supervisor Technician

RAPiD Genomics, LLC
Job Location: 
Gainesville, Florida

Health & Dental

Job Description: 

Participates in the day-to-day operations of a commercial laboratory, ensuring compliance with established policies, protocols, methods and procedures. Provides assistance and working knowledge in the development of genomic tools to characterize genetic variation in various organisms.


Primary responsibilities are to supervise junior technicians, and carry out molecular biology procedures such as DNA/RNA isolation, electrophoreses, next-generation sequencing, PCR and real time PCR. An excellent understanding of the experimental variables that impact genotyping approaches based on next-generation sequencing is required. The successful candidate will:
• Independently carry out laboratory work focusing on technical aspects of specific customer needs and research projects, in support of research associates and senior scientists in the lab;
• Supervise other lab technicians.
• Demonstrate an ability to troubleshoot experimental procedures and conditions;
• Be responsible for sample preparation, collection, and analysis;
• Use computer software (LIMS) for recording, tabulating, and maintaining data and procedures used in data collection;
• Maintain inventory of chemicals, prepare solutions and reagents, and actively participate in laboratory organization and logistics;
• Comfortable learning new equipment and robotics.

Contact Information: 

Bachelor’s Degree (prefer Master’s Degree) in Molecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry or related field. Candidate should be able to demonstrate laboratory experience; hands-on experience with some of the techniques listed above is required. A successful candidate will receive training on additional skills. Careful record-keeping and good organizational skills are essential. The successful candidate will start at this position immediately. To apply or for more information, please contact: Sabre Chrosniak at

Applicants should include a brief cover letter detailing experience, a resume, and names of at least two references

About Our Organization: 

Rapid Genomics - Is a DNA genotyping and genetic data analysis company providing tools for agricultural companies and researchers to quickly breed and grow ideal crops and livestock. DNA genotyping gives companies, researchers and farmers the ability to predict the value of a plant or animal even before the seed germinates or the animal is born. The system developed by RAPiD Genomics provides the ability to genotype at much lower cost and higher throughput, increasing gains and profit margins.
In the traditional genotyping technology, DNA is analyzed on a specialized device or “Chip”, where assays occur. Genotyping using these technologies is a costly, lengthy and low-throughput process. Sample preparation requires several days, and only a few samples can be processed in parallel, at a cost several hundred dollars per sample. RAPiD Genomics has shortened this process to less than a day, by developing a simplified and efficient procedure that parallelizes genotyping. This technology permits analysis of thousands of samples daily at one tenth of the cost of the existing technology. The company’s improved system also requires less DNA and eliminates the need for proprietary equipment.
RAPiD Genomics offers DNA breeding from beginning to end. Not just genotyping, but services to ensure that our customers can apply this genome knowledge to maximize genetic improvement of their products. The winning combination of speed, high-throughput, low-cost, proprietary methodologies and dedication to customer service sets the company apart.