Bioinformatics - non-vertebrate genomics

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Cambridge, United Kingdom

Excellent sporting facilities, a free shuttle bus to campus and other nearby centres and an attractive working environment set in 55 acres of parkland.

Job Description: 

We are seeking an enthusiastic Bioinformatician to join the WormBase Team at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), located on the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus near Cambridge in the UK.

The nematode Caenorhabditis elegans is used extensively by scientists worldwide in the detailed study of biological processes and was the first animal to have its genome completely sequenced. WormBase ( is an international consortium of biologists and computer scientists dedicated to providing accurate, complete, accessible information concerning the genetics, genomics and biology of C. elegans and selected other nematodes of medical and agricultural importance.

The post-holder will work on a variety of different tasks, including: (a) integration of new nematode genomes and other large-scale nematode data sets (for example RNASeq gene expression data, and genomic variation data); (b) development and maintenance of genome annotation and analysis pipelines based on Ensembl technology; (c) implementation of a new core database infrastructure for WormBase; (d) the propagation of up-to-date WormBase data into partner resources hosted at EMBL-EBI (e.g. Ensembl); and (e) the provision of tools and general bioinformatics support for WormBase curators.

The WormBase team at EMBL-EBI are part of the wider non-vertebrate genomics group which produces the Ensembl Genomes (www.ensembl resource, as well as contributing significantly to other global collaborative projects such as VectorBase ( and PomBase ( The post-holder will work closely with other members of the wider group and participate in the development of general tools for invertebrate genomics.

At EMBL-EBI we provide a dynamic, international working environment and have close ties with both the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and the University of Cambridge. EMBL-EBI staff enjoy many benefits including excellent sports facilities, a free shuttle bus to various locations in Cambridge and the surrounding areas, an active sports and social club and an attractive working environment.


Candidates should have a post-graduate qualification in bioinformatics or a related discipline, and have prior experience working in a scientific research environment. Proficiency in Perl, or another programming language used widely in bioinformatics (e.g. Python) is essential as is a solid working knowledge of relational databases. Background knowledge of molecular biology and/or genomics is desirable and knowledge of next-generation sequencing data and/or genomic variation data would be an advantage.

Excellent English, communication and interpersonal skills are essential as is the ability to work as part of a team.

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