Scientist - Computational Biologist

Genome Life Sciences
Job Location: 
Chennai, India
Commensurate with industry standards
Job Description: 

The Scientist will play a key role in delivering end-end product solutions, involved in envisioning new product ideas and offering guidance to junior analysts.
The Scientist will also be involved in maintaining quality systems and supporting marketing related activities.

• Lead the product development team in developing data analysis solutions, databases and tools including NGS workflows, identifying downstream analysis features, and integrating biological content and tools from various sources.
• Conceive and develop algorithms and analyze approaches to solve the key challenges for emerging NGS technologies.
• Integrate popular algorithms into existing software and build innovative data analytical modules.
• Apply computational techniques and biological domain knowledge to design and implement analysis tools to solve complex computational and mathematical problems.
• Leading the effort for evaluating existing or developing new tools.
• Provide data models and database architecture designs.
• Communicate, understand, document and deliver customer requirements within specified deadlines.


• Experience in the field of bioinformatics and/or functional genomics with experience working in a high performance computing environment.
• Handled a complete Product Life Cycle Implementation. Experienced in cloud based product development, deployment and troubleshooting esp. AWS
• Strong Research Background for Genome-wide and gene-focused efforts such as next-generation sequencing, Structural/Functional Genomics, Proteomics.
• Demonstrated experience extracting and describing complex high dimensional data and presenting those data in a biologically meaningful context.
• Strong Publication record.
• Experience in NGS software analysis packages.
• Experience in Scientific and Technical documentation
• Experienced in database creation, querying and management. Ability to create and map the data architecture designed for big data.
• Programming Languages : PERL/Python
• Domain knowledge in genomics, proteomics and metabolomics
• NGS data analysis workflows : WGS, Targeted capture, WES and methylseq and custom NGS pipelines
• Commercial Tools : IPA, Partek genomics suite, DNAnexus
• Statistical Packages : CRAN-R, Matlab in big data analysis
• OS : Linux (Fedora/Debian)
• Databases : MySQL, Oracle
• Web Technologies : Javascript / HTML
• Ph.D. or equivalent graduate degree in computer science/computational biology/bioinformatics or a life sciences related field.
• Background MBBS/B Tech(Premier institutes), PhD( Bioinformatics/computational Biology) plus 4-5 years Post Doc/industry experience will be preferable
• (Five years of specialized experience plus a Master’s degree will be considered to be equivalent to a Ph.D.)

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About Our Organization: 

Genome Life Sciences (GLS) is a DSIR (Department of Scientific & Industrial Research) recognized R&D company, and develops innovative bioinformatics algorithms, tools, and databases for genomic analysis, biomarker discovery, and translational/clinical research for healthcare, veterinary, agriculture, and food industries. GLS provides a variety of curated life science databases and interactive and dynamic user interfaces, developed with proprietary data mining algorithms. In addition, it provides analytic products and services for the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data from all major platforms such as Illumina, ABI SOLiD, Roche 454, PacBio and Ion. GLS is a contract research organization providing sequencing as a service and turn-key solutions in translational, clinical, agricultural and veterinary genomics research.