Director, Information Technology

Duke Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy
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Durham, NC
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The Director of IT supports the emerging center for computational biology, integrative genomics, and applied biosciences. Duke aspires to develop an interactive and collaborative center for those engaged in interdisciplinary education and research in computational biology, genomics and high-throughput, integrative biosciences in the life sciences, medicine, and engineering.

The position includes:
• Coordinate the installation, evaluation and analysis of a networking infrastructure
o provide comprehensive integration of multiple hardware and operating system platforms
o provide management for design, implementation and troubleshooting of network systems
o establish network standards and training programs.
• Design and install computer systems (both servers and desktops) for bioinformatics and genomic research projects
o consult and train students, staff, and faculty on the use of such systems
o troubleshoot and resolve users’ issues with the systems
o develop new database and analysis resources for bioinformatics and genomic projects.
• Design systems of monitoring and accounting to secure network and computer systems and maintain their compliance with federal and university regulations.

• Enhance the security of computational infrastructure. The position acts as the primary architect and designer of computational and storage infrastructure, working closely with colleagues and others to make sure that the designs meet requirements of groups and individuals across Duke. Participate in the development of long-term strategic goals for storage infrastructure in conjunction with faculty, staff, and other data owners.

• Design and install software and hardware systems that are dependable and scalable for the activities in the genome sciences. Identify and recommend new technology. Identify and evaluate new hardware and software as well as incremental improvements to computing infrastructure. Develop specifications for machines and/or software products that fit needs and, as far as possible, anticipate future needs. Remain informed on storage regulations, trends, and issues, including current and emerging technologies and best practices; advise, counsel, and educate executive and management teams on their relative importance.

• Train and assist students, staff, and faculty in the use of systems, with the goal of encouraging responsible and independent use of systems. Consult with students, staff, and faculty to identify analytical and computational resources to fit bioinformatics and other scientific endeavors. Foster the development of a more effective and informed research community.
• Create and update databases from time to time to serve the scientific interests of students, staff, and faculty. Set up analysis pipelines and data repositories for projects.

• Provide access to resources that allow scientists to develop additional datasets that serve broader interests of the genomics research community.

• Maintain records necessary for HIPAA compliance and DUHS compliance for certain user accounts and computer systems.
• Serve as on-call contact every third week for immediate systems response.

Shared Resource: Cluster and Storage
The Director will develop and oversee a full-service core resource to facilitate data analysis and storage for Duke.
• Administer the data analysis and shared resource and create sustainable cores
• Supervise staff members to meet the needs of the core resource
• Coordinate IT related activities among all of genome sciences shared resources
• Liaise with relevant units on campus, the Director of Administration, and appropriate individuals in research administration and IT in the School of Medicine or on the main campus. Integrate and coordinate activities with other key leaders on campus and with directors of the various core resources that generate ‘omics data.

General Responsibilities
• Clarify budgetary requirements for initiatives and projects requiring additional hardware, software, and support. Assist in the preparation of grants, reports, and proposals, and recommend courses of action as appropriate.
• Maintain liaison with representatives of other university information technology operations, professional organizations and equipment manufacturers to ensure use of current principles and techniques.
o Provide coordination for networking needs including design, evaluation, analysis and installation to provide for integration of multiple hardware and operating system platforms within a large complex network system.
• Manage genome sciences IT Staff including planning workload, performance evaluations, and recommend personnel actions.
• With colleagues author, implement, execute, and periodically update System Security, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans to be consistent with Duke policies and standards regarding security and HIPAA compliance. For information systems that are not under your direct control, but impact the security of an information system for which you do control, ensure that an OLA is executed.
o Ensure that information storage measures and equipment adhere to all applicable laws and regulations.
o Work with systems and database administrators to develop and implement storage architectures.
o Establish genome sciences policies and accounting systems to implement HIPAA and DUHS network security regulations. Regularly update and review compliance, and serve as a liaison for IT security compliance.
• Design, implement, maintain, upgrade, and patch systems to be compliant with Duke security policies and standards regarding protection from external and internal security attacks.
o Regularly review a reliable method to receive notices of new security patches for all information system components administered. Implement critical and urgent patches within 72 hours of a patch being available, including testing
• Administer, validate, and review user and system accounts, access controls, audit logs to maximize system security and data confidentiality.
• Research and remediate generic and system-specific vulnerabilities.
• Maintain detailed, on-line inventory of all departmental computers and PDA’s.
o Inventory data should be maintained on a real time basis. All retired devices need to go to Duke Surplus. Inventory data should be entered/ported to the Remedy Asset Management module
• Develop and generate status reports related to each job expectation to be included in a monthly report generated to DHTS SoM/SoN IT Security Office and DHTS Academic Support Director for review and inclusion in a monthly SoM rollup report. A standardized report template to be provided by DHTS.
• Perform a yearly review of departmental ‘unit’ adherence to all stated job expectations.
o Review will be done w/DHTS SoM/SoN IT Security Officer and DHTS Academic Support Director.
• Perform other related duties incidental to the work described herein


Work requires a Master’s degree in mathematics, computer science, or a computer-related field, or equivalent course work in technical training.
Work requires five years of related experience.
Personal Characteristics: The Director, Information Technology must possess outstanding interpersonal, communication and written communication skills. The ability to listen, maintain impartiality and focus on issues is the key. Of utmost importance is a person of principles, integrity, and strong convictions. This person must possess the ability to be able to maintain a positive work environment. Also, this person must exhibit tact, diplomacy to work effectively with courtesy and without abrasiveness with a wide variety of faculty and administrative staff.

While this person must be flexible, resilient and accommodating, this individual must be able to work independently. This person will have:
• Impeccable integrity.
• High levels of motivation and great attitude.
• Inspired by the genome sciences opportunity.
• High energy level, hard-working.
• Managed diverse teams.
• Commitment to excellence.
• Versatility.
• Approachability. Naturally connects with colleagues about their interests and ideas and also personally. A collaborative team player. Ability to work with all institute staff.
• Commitment to professional development – both personally and for the team.
• Personal initiative to envision, act on, and engage others in ideas and activities.
• Knowledge of who all their customers are.
• Ability to act as an advocate for the customer.
• Professional behavior consistent with role.

Experience, Knowledge, and Competencies
• Program administration
• Creating strategy and infrastructure for large data projects
• Shared resource planning and administration
• Ability to multitask
• Effectively managing change. Understands the changing issues of compliance and reacts quickly to develop effective business practices.
• Outstanding interpersonal, communication and written communication skills

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