Bioinformatics Programmer 2249918

Massachusetts General Hospital
Job Location: 
Cambridge, MA02139
Job Description: 

One position is open for full time bioinformatics programmer in Yu’s group at Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard. The candidate will assist in research on high-throughput data analysis for pathogenesis and viral persistent during HIV-1 infection. Knowledge gained from these analyses will support biologists to guide the design of more effective vaccines and treatments against various infectious pathogens including HIV and Influenza.

Job Duties:

Under the direction of the PI and research fellows, the candidates are expected to carry out independently daily data management and analysis.
• Manage the high-throughput biological data along with basic quality checking
• Utilize open source algorithms/tools
• Develop bioinformatics applications to analysis those data statistically and computationally
• Maintain and upgrade the online database web-service
• Apply those applications on various types of data
• Document all software, code and experiments
• Ensure the integrity and security of data and code
• Provide technical assistance to users
• 2 year commitment preferred


• BS in computer science, bioinformatics, engineering, mathematics or a related area
• Have programming skills in R, C/C++, C#, and other languages
• Have a knowledge of statistics, algorithms and data structure as well as SQL and relational database
• Must be willing to learn and grow
• Must have good interpersonal skills

Contact Information: 

Contact: Dr. Zhengyu Ouyang at zouyang[at]

About Our Organization: 

The Ragon Institute was officially established in February 2009 at MGH, MIT and Harvard with a dual mission: to contribute to the accelerated discovery of an HIV/AIDS vaccine and to establish itself as a world leader in the collaborative study of immunology. Founded with a commitment of $100 million from Mr. and Mrs. Ragon, the institute is structured and positioned to significantly contribute to a global effort to successfully develop an HIV/AIDS vaccine.