Staff Engineer, System Integration & Verification

Pacific Biosciences
Job Location: 
Menlo Park, CA
Job Description: 

The ideal candidate will have a MS/PhD in a physical science discipline, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent with several years of experience integrating and using complex instrumentation in a biotech field. The candidate will be mainly responsible for integrating and testing all aspects of the system including hardware, software and consumables.

Responsibilities include developing test plans, writing test cases, and implementing and executing automated tests to verify the hardware, software and system performance. Hands-on with a strong SW background, the candidate will be asked to troubleshoot systems, identify opportunities for quality improvements, provide root causes of complex HW-SW interaction problems, and communicate test results and corrective recommendations to the team. He or she will work closely with design teams to understand and resolve product performance issues.

The candidate must possess excellent analytical and problem-solving skills and have a solid understanding of biological and laboratory techniques. Additionally, he or she must be a strong team player, detail-oriented, able to take initiative, and work effectively in a multidisciplinary environment.


- MS/PhD in a physical science, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent with related field with 5+ years of experience.
- Experience with automation, integration and test of high tech instruments is a must.
- Knowledge of scripting language is a plus.
- Excellent trouble-shooting and data analysis skills.
- Experience in all phases of the product development cycle from basic research, development, manufacturing and field support.
- Excellent interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills.
- Product development and / or industry experience in a multidisciplinary biotech environment is a plus.
- DNA Sequencing experience is a plus.
- Software QA experience is a plus.

About Our Organization: 

Pacific Biosciences’ mission is to transform the way humankind acquires, processes and interprets data from living systems through the design, development and commercialization of innovative tools for biological research. The company has developed a novel approach to studying the synthesis and regulation of DNA, RNA and protein. Combining recent advances in nanofabrication, biochemistry, molecular biology, surface chemistry and optics, Pacific Biosciences has created a powerful technology platform called single molecule, real-time, or SMRT™, technology. SMRT technology enables real-time analysis of biomolecules with single molecule resolution, which has the potential to transform the understanding of biological systems by providing a window into these systems that has not previously been open for scientific study.