Postdoctoral Bioinformatician – Genome Assembly and Annotation Team

CNAG - Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico
Job Location: 
Barcelona, Spain
Job Description: 

We seek a highly motivated post-doctoral bioinformatician who must be able to work independently on his/her specific tasks and will report to the Genome Assembly and Annotation Team Leader. The successful applicant will have the opportunity to:
1) be closely involved in defining, refining and executing de novo genome sequencing and assembly strategies for novel genomes
2) support our gene annotation pipelines
3) be responsible for developing and maintaining local genome browser installations
4) participate in institution-wide projects such as the International Cancer Genome Consortium. Publication of developed methods and scientific findings is encouraged.

1.Development, maintenance and deployment of assembly and evaluation pipelines.
2.Anticipate technological developments in sequencing, sample prep or assembly techniques and adapt our assembly protocols accordingly.
3.Collaborate with members of the Algorithm Development Team to implement new algorithms for solving genome assembly problems.
4.Compute statistics and generate graphical reports for assembly steps and milestones.
5.Support of CNAG’s projects.
6.Meet and correspond with collaborators. Represent CNAG at public symposia.


1.Degree in Computational Biology, Molecular Biology, Computer Science or related discipline (PhD preferred).
2.Basic UNIX skills and familiarity with computational environments.
3.Experience with Next Generation Sequencing data and applications (genome assembly, gene prediction and/or functional annotation a plus).
4.Fluency in one scripting language, such as PERL or Python, and one compiled language, such as C/C++, preferred.
5.A good understanding of statistics and facility with a statistical package such as R is desirable.
6.Excellent English communication skills, both written and spoken.
7.The ability to pinpoint problems/challenges and find innovative solutions.

Contact Information: 

Interested candidates may submit a CV and a brief statement of experience and interests before 31st January 2014 indicating the offer reference (Genome Assembly) in the message subject to the email address:
Informal enquiries about the position can be sent to:

About Our Organization: 

The CNAG has a park of twelve second generation DNA sequencers supported by an extensive informatics infrastructure, and is one of the major Genome Sequencing Centers in Europe.
The CNAG is actively involved in collaborative research projects on a number of specific topics: Disease Gene Identification, Cancer Genomics, Genomics of Infectious Diseases, Model Organism and Agrogenomics. In addition, we participate in several consortia of networked projects such as the International Cancer Genome Consortium and EU-funded projects such as RD-CONNECT, READNA, AIRPROM, ESGI, BLUEPRINT, IBD-Character and BBMRI-LPC.