Senior System Integration Engineer (Bio-Development)

Cepheid - US
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Job Description: 

The Senior System Integration Engineer will be relied upon as an expert with in-depth technical knowledge of all aspects of Cepheid products.

- In this position you will work with hardware engineers, software engineers and scientists to integrate complex molecular biology assays into new and existing Cepheid systems.
- This will involve acquiring a detailed understanding of hardware, software, and consumable functions, investigating and eliminating system interoperability challenges, and developing a deep technical understanding of the biological assays themselves.
- This is a hands-on position involving significant laboratory work.
- In this position you will design, validate, and execute test assays that will measure system performance.
- You will assist developers of commercial assays in best-practices creation of new sample preparation and detection methods and provide technical expertise to assay developers for hardware, software and integration needs.
- You will work side-by-side with hardware, software, and consumable engineers in their efforts to design the best possible system for Cepheid assays by providing end-product requirements, testing and test methods, and validation from an assay developer and customer use perspective.

- Integration of new diagnostic hardware, software and consumables designs
- Design, validation, and execution of test methods to investigate system-level issues and design improvements
- Experimental design and data analysis
- Failure Analysis
- Characterization of new products and processes
- Compliance with Quality System requirements

- Bachelor's degree in Biology, Bioengineering or equivalent combination of education and experience to perform at this level
- A minimum of 8 years of direct related experience
- Demonstrated analytical problem-solving skills to understand molecular biology, hardware, software, reagents and consumables issues and to be able to quickly analyze and resolve system interoperability problems
- Demonstrated rigorous process discipline and documentation practices to assure functionality, safety, reliability and quality of the product
- Excellent communication skills. Proficient in document preparation and editing
- Strong proficiency in the use of Excel for data analysis and presentation in graphic formats
- Basic statistics knowledge required
- Working knowledge of design of experiments (DOE), interpretation of test results, failure investigation and root cause failure analysis

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