Chemical Scientist

Job Location: 
Branford, CT
Job Description: 

A life sciences tools start-up company based in Branford, CT is seeking a chemist/chemical scientist with experience in nanotechnology, and especially in the synthesis, development and characterization of nano-colloidal suspensions. This researcher will be responsible for the development and qualification of proprietary formulations of nano-colloidal suspensions to be used as a vital component of a novel diagnostics platform currently under development.

• Creation, development, testing and optimization of nano-colloidal suspensions in the context of a novel diagnostics platform
• Biophysical and biocompatibility characterization of various nanoparticle/coating formulations
• Identification and development of protocols for large-scale production of candidate formulations
• Dissemination of findings in scientific journals and conferences
• Member of the product development team – candidate is expected to quickly be fluent in other aspects of product development and provide guidance to the rest of the team


The ideal candidate holds a B.S., Masters or Ph.D. degree in a relevant field (e.g., Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, or other Nanotechnology related fields) and preferably possesses at least 3 years of industry experience. Essential skills and background knowledge include:
• General organic and inorganic chemistry methods
• Nanoparticle synthesis, as well as shape and size control
• Various surfactant chemistries and polymeric coatings
• Covalent antibody functionalization of various surfaces
• Quantitative analysis skills to characterize physical properties of nanoparticle suspensions
• Experience with nanoparticle-mediated drug delivery would prove useful
• Strong familiarity with biological methods, fluorescence microscopy and image analysis a plus
• Fluency in ImageJ and MATLAB preferred

Contact Information: 

Send your CV/Resume with a list of three potential references to Mr. Arjun Ganesan (