GenMark Diagnostics
Job Location: 
Carlsbad, CA
Job Description: 

Company Mission
GenMark Dx’s mission is to become the market leader in providing high value, simple to perform, clinically relevant multiplexed molecular tests to aid in the diagnosis of disease and the selection and dosing of therapies. GenMark Dx’s proprietary eSensor® technology is based on the principles of competitive DNA hybridization and electrochemical detection. Our eSensor® technology is highly specific for the target biomarker and is not based on fluorescent or optical detection. As a result, our diagnostic tests are less prone to sample contamination risk and do not require many of the time-consuming washing and preparation steps required by competing multiplexing technologies.

Purpose of the Position:
Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to support the development of the next generation multiplexed molecular diagnostics instrument by utilizing biomedical sensor technology expertise.

Key Qualifications & Experience Requirements:
• Ph.D. in Electrochemistry, Biochemistry, Biomedical/Biological Engineering, or related field
• 5-10 years of experience in R&D of electrochemical sensing, preferably in a commercial setting.
• Troubleshooting and solving design and fabrication problems of diagnostic instrumentation.
• Development of microfluidics-based systems strongly preferred.
• Handling biological samples including human bodily fluids, as well as bacterial and viral samples desired.
• External vendor collaboration experience a plus.