Bioinformatics Scientist

Amyris, Inc
Job Location: 
Emeryville (SF Bay Area), CA
Job Description: 

Within Amyris R&D, we are searching for a highly energetic, curious, and self-motivated scientist with a strong background in both computing and biology to join our Scientific Computing team. Research at Amyris is a highly multidisciplinary effort that needs brilliant contributions from life sciences and engineering disciplines in order to take projects from concept to market. From hacking directly on DNA in the lab to full scale factory production, every aspect of our work is facilitated and accelerated by quantitative science and software & hardware automation. Scientific Computing helps bench scientists design better microbial strains using genotype specification languages and high-level functional ontologies of parts and pathways; and helps learn from high-throughput, multivariate phenotype, NGS, and ‘omics data to rapidly drive the design-build-test-learn cycle.

• Interact closely with biology and fermentation scientists, understand their data manipulation and analysis needs, provide answers to technical questions through 1-on-1 communication, presentations, and written documentation
• Collaborate with automation engineers and software developers of in-house enterprise LIMS / data systems to mine experimental data and metadata
• Iteratively develop computational algorithms, analysis and visualization tools to meet evolving scientific needs and to aid rapid data-driven decision making
• Work with genotype, phenotype, genomic sequence, fermentation, spectroscopic, imaging and omics data


Required Qualifications
• Degree in quantitative discipline such as computer science, mathematics, computational biology, chemical/bio/electrical engineering
• Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
• Industrial programming experience, i.e. having written or maintained large codebase using software best practices and distributed version control
• Expert coder in any two of the following: C/C++, F#, Python, C#, R/Matlab
• SQL, relational database schema design
• Broad understanding of bioinformatics tools used for genome and metagenome analysis (i.e., assembly, binning, gene calling, etc.) and gene function prediction (i.e. sequence alignment, database search, etc.).
• Demonstrated success at working cross-functionally to shape disparate ideas into positive outcomes
• Ability to thrive in a fast-paced and rapidly emerging business environment
• Creativity, independent thinking, analytical excellence, and passion

Experience with the following a plus
• JMP, Javascript, TIBCO Spotfire
• Experience in a microbiology, fermentation, or synthetic biology setting

About Our Organization: 

Amyris has developed a high-throughput genetic engineering platform for designing and building custom microbes to serve as living factories. Using an industrial scale fermentation process, our microbes convert cheap sugars into a wide variety of high value target molecules, including medicines, fuels, and commodity chemicals. While providing low cost, high quality malaria medication and renewable substitutes for fuels and chemicals, our end products directly impact millions of lives while reducing humanity's carbon footprint. We are pragmatic idealists seeking a profitable way to make the world a better place.

Do you want to work with brilliant scientists and engineers to help create a better future for ourselves, our children, and everyone on the planet? This is your chance to reach that goal and do foundational, innovative work in biotechnology. We are past proof of principle; we have begun the rapid expansion of a technology that will characterize this century. We're doing something far more interesting and exciting than almost anyone else out there, and we offer competitive compensation, excellent benefits, unlimited high quality conversation, free lunches, yoga, weekly massages, and beer! Please join us.