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University of Vermont
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University of Vermont, US
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The University of Vermont (UVM), founded in 1791, is a premier research university internationally acclaimed for excellence in medicine, biology, and health science leadership.

Our long-term research goals are to identify genes and genetic causal variants that predispose an individual to complex human diseases with the ultimate goal of informing intervention and treatment approaches. Our central hypothesis is that single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), copy number variations (CNVs), and other genomic variations in the human genome contribute to disease heritability, and that environmental triggers modulate the association patterns of the genetic variants. We use new high-throughput genetic and genomic experiments (e.g., microarrays and next-generation sequencing) and computational tools with emphasis on analytic aspects and new approach/tool development. The research projects include the development of a statistical/computational method/software or application of these tools into our real genome-wide SNP and CNV data from patient cohorts.

We are looking for dedicated students who are motivated in the research, understand the significance of scientific publications, and are enthusiastic to build up his or her academic career in this exciting, sunrise field. The ideal candidate will be (1) strong in computer programming or biostatistics, (2) with basic knowledge on human genetics, particularly, the human genome and big genetic data, and (3) have demonstrated evidence (first-author publications in well-known journals). For those who have interest in this position, please contact us. Lab Webpage: or Email: dawei [dot] li [at] uvm [dot] edu.

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Email: dawei [dot] li [at] uvm [dot] edu.