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Axol Bioscience Ltd.
Job Location: 
Cambridge, UK
To Be Negotiated

To Be Negotiated

Job Description: 

This role is a high energy and customer-focused position. The project manager will liaise directly with customers and prospects to identify market demands and novel technologies to fulfil customer needs. The focus of the role will be on the development of additional novel technologies (either for facilitating internal operations, creating new products or for enhancing products/services currently being provided). The Project Manager will have a working familiarity with regulatory governance and intellectual property (IP) issues (e.g. patents, trade secrets, license contracts), and an ability to incorporate those considerations into strategic planning and inter-company negotiations. Candidate will have an "entrepreneurial attitude" to business and product development.

• To maintain overall responsibility for analysing market and competitor developments and to seek ways for the organisation to become the customers first choice for stem cell innovations.
• To develop new products and marketing collateral for profitable diversification of product lines.


The Candidate:
The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 5 years direct stem cell biology experience (either in a post doctoral or industry setting) and be educated to a PhD level. The candidate should speak and write English proficiently (as a native language, preferably).

Key Responsibilities:
• Responsible for developing and executing strategies for product development in time-frame and within budget
• To provide market feedback to the company leadership team regarding competitive offerings, prospect needs and generate product development ideas across all service propositions
• To manage the stakeholder map process to ensure effective knowledge transfer of information
• To build effective relationships with research customers and gain insights into product development needs
• To develop sales and marketing collaterals such as white papers, protocols and posters for the products
• To perform duties as directed by the CEO within scope and capabilities
Additional Skills and Experience:
• Excellent negotiation and influencing skills, proven track record of successfully pitching for new business and/or collaborations
• Excellent problem solver who takes a dynamic and pro-active approach to finding effective solutions
• Excellent leadership skills demonstrated by proven ability to inspire others, establish a shared vision and motivate people to work together and achieve shared objectives

Note: Travel may be required. Only candidates eligible to work in the UK will be considered for this role. Relocation packages are not being offered.

Contact Information: 

Recruitment Agencies
Before sending any CVs to Axol you must have Terms and Conditions and fees agreed to by the HR department.
Please also note that any unsolicited CVs submitted to us automatically become the property of Axol Bioscience Ltd. Axol upholds the right not to work with agencies that do not follow the above guideline.

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About Our Organization: 

Axol is a young and vibrant biotech company headquartered on the Babraham Research Campus in Cambridge, UK. We expect to see significant growth through milestone driven strategy and global diversification. As we expand, we will bring on a plethora of exceptional talent to help us further extend our manufacturing and marketing capabilities. These talented people will help us to diversify our product lines, enabling us to become the leading global market authority for iPS Cell derived research components.

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