Group Leader, Computational Genome Analysis, Cancer Therapeutics

Broad Institute
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Job Description: 

Lead a computational genome analysis research group whose aim is to stimulate and enable the development of novel small molecules for cancer therapeutics.
This group will focus on three major goals: 1) Discover genomic alterations that will nominate targets for molecular cancer treatment;
2) Develop and apply data mining algorithms to enable discovery of such alterations; and
3) Analyze genomic features of responses to experimental therapeutic agents.
Supervise a team of four to five computational biologists to achieve these goals. Collaborate with broader research team to create the next generation of computationally oriented therapeutic discovery approaches.

- Build an innovative and dynamic team of four to five cancer genome computational biologists.
- Architect a data mining framework to enable the next generation of genome-directed cancer therapeutic discovery.
- Mentor and supervise the team to innovate genome mining algorithms, implement a framework for cancer genome data acquisition/sharing, and analyze global and project-specific cancer genome data.
- Collaborate with biologists and chemists to apply genomic information to drug discovery projects.
- Collaborate with cancer genome analysts in other project areas regarding computational algorithms and analytic insights.
- Plan strategic directions for target discovery and genome-informed compound optimization.with leadership of a genome-directed cancer drug discovery program.

- PhD in computer science, mathematics, physical science, or life science.
- At least 3 years of post-PhD experience in computational genome biology research.
- Experience in mentoring or supervising others; formal management role not required.
- Prior involvement or interest in cancer biology, especially cancer genomics, and/or chemical biology.
- Ability to innovate new computational strategies for previously unsolved cancer genome problems.
- Intellectual flexibility with the ability to execute multiple computational projects, solve complex problems, and focus on unexpected opportunities.
- Strong commitment to the goal of developing new cancer therapeutics.
- Excellent oral and written communication skills.

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