Staff Scientist

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center & Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
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Seattle, WA
Job Description: 

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, home of three Nobel laureates, is an independent, nonprofit research institution dedicated to the development and advancement of biomedical research to eliminate cancer and other potentially fatal diseases. Recognized internationally for its pioneering work in bone-marrow transplantation, the Center's five scientific divisions collaborate to form a unique environment for conducting basic and applied science. The Hutchinson Center, in collaboration with its clinical and research partners, the University of Washington and Seattle Children's, is the only National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center in the Pacific Northwest. Join us and make a difference!

A Staff Scientist position is available in a laboratory in our Clinical Research Division that conducts both laboratory and clinical research using immunotherapeutic approaches to treat lymphomas, leukemias and myeloma in a wide variety of cellular assays, murine models and human clinical trials.

The primary responsibilities of the position are as follows:
1. Assist in the design, implementation and interpretation of human gene therapy experiments using chimeric antigen receptor-expressing T lymphocytes to target B cell lymphomas.
2. Work with a senior research technologist to maintain human lymphoid cells in cell culture; transduce them with retroviral or lentiviral vectors encoding chimeric human fusion genes; select the genetically modified cells by immunomagnetic sorting or flow cytometry; and expand them under both standard laboratory and cGMP conditions.
3. Monitor the effectiveness of transduction and T cell expansion by PCR, Western blotting, and flow cytometry.
4. Assess phenotype of genetically modified T cells using multicolor flow cytometry and perform functional assays to assess their proliferation, cytokine secretion, and cytotoxicity.
5. Supervise and perform murine studies to test the efficacy of chimeric antigen-receptor bearing T cells in athymic and SCID/NSG murine assays.
6. Monitor T cell migration and tumor eradication in murine models using bioluminescent imaging.
7. Assess the efficacy of an inducible Caspase 9 suicide gene for regulated elimination of genetically modified T cells from murine models and humans.
8. Supervise and perform quality control for sterility, and assess the presence of endotoxin, viruses, bacteria, fungi, mycoplasma and other contaminants in transduced cell lines.
9. Supervise and perform quality control assays and scientific correlative assays for human clinical trials using genetically modified T cells.
10. Assist in preparation of grants, manuscripts for publication, and presentation of research results at national meetings.
11. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.

A PhD degree in the biological or chemical sciences and those with a strong immunology focus is preferred. A minimum of two years of related post-doctoral or industry experience, especially with the skill sets listed above and with chimeric antigen-receptor methodology is highly desired.

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