Bioinformaticians - WormBase Parasite - 2 posts

EMBL-EBI & Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
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Hinxton near Cambridge, UK

Excellent sporting facilities, a free shuttle bus to campus and other nearby centres and an attractive working environment set in 55 acres of parkland.

Job Description: 

We are seeking two skilled bioinformaticians to construct a biological database resource to provide rapid access to the increasing number of available genomes from parasitic helminths.

Parasitic helminths (flatworms and roundworms) are responsible for more than a billion human infections globally and have a devastating impact on livestock and agriculture. Building upon the success of the International Wormbase Consortium (, a new database resource (Wormbase-Parasite) will be created that enables progress across the parasitic helminth research community. The project will bring together large-scale datasets with analysis and querying tools. The posts will be based within the parasite genomic group (WTSI) and Ensembl Genomes (EBI).

(1) Senior Bioinformatician at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (WTSI). Based within the parasite genomics group, led by Dr Matt Berriman, this post will focus on genome annotation, comparative genomics and data organisation.

(2) Senior Bioinformatician at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI). Based within the Ensembl Genomes team, led by Dr Paul Kersey, this post will be technologically focused and responsible for establishing a new data warehouse. Standard technologies, such as BioMart, the Ensembl Genome browser, and the Drupal content management system will be used.

For details of individual posts please follow the links to the respective WTSI or EBI web sites. In your covering letter, please indicate which position you are applying for.

The two post-holders will work closely together in the development of this exciting new resource and to promote it to the user community through participation in training activities, workshops and conferences. They will also collaborate closely with staff at both institutes working on other aspects of the wider WormBase project.

The Genome Campus is a 55 acre estate south of Cambridge in the grounds of Hinxton Hall.


Please go to the EBI website for further information on qualifications and experience.

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