PhD fellowship in RNA bioinformatics analysis of high-throughput data from (inflammatory) diseases

Center for non-coding RNA in Technology and HEalth
Job Location: 
RTH, University of Copenhagen, Denamrk
The basic annual salary for PhD students starts at DKK 300.000 (approx. Euro 40.500). In addition, the successful candidate will enter a pension fund scheme when starting as well as paid holidays after one year.

Operating costs such as course fees, project expenses, travel and stays abroad, etc. are subsidized by the project.

Job Description: 

Within RTH material has been collected for a range of diseases and will be combined with in silico generated information of structured RNA and a range of information such as expression and (protein and RNA) binding generated from predictions and experiments. A key goal of the project is to filter and rank selected candidates for detailed molecular functional analysis with respect to the disease samples. Pipelines for expression analysis, data integration and statistical analysis will be developed within the project.


The applicant should hold professional as well as personal skills and qualifications as stated below:
• A master degree in bioinformatics, computational biology, computer science or similar.
• Very strong experience with script languages such as Perl or Python (or similar).
• Strong experience with the linux/unix environment, command lines and shell scripting.
• Experience with statistical analysis.
• Differential expression analysis (with background correction / multiple testing).
• Possess good interpersonal skills.
• Be excellent in English, writing and speech.

In addition to the above, weight will be given to applicants meeting one or more of the following requirements:
• General knowledge about RNA structure folding algorithms.
• C or C++.

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Application deadline is: 8th September 2013.

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