Staff Scientist

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center & Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
Job Location: 
Kampala, WA
Job Description: 

The Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) / Hutchinson Center Cancer Alliance (HCCA) seeks to develop effective prevention and treatment strategies for infection-associated cancers to benefit the millions of people in Uganda, the United States and worldwide who suffer from these malignancies. We have developed a three-pronged approach for addressing this problem:

- Conduct cutting-edge research in infection-related cancers to better understand the pathogenesis of these diseases so we can develop and test more effective, efficacious and safer treatment and prevention regimens;
- Improve clinical capacity through the provision of medical support and revised clinical protocols for those with infectious cancers;
- Train clinicians and support staff to enhance local human capacity that can sustain the research and clinical care activities at the site.

This position will be located full-time in Kampala, Uganda and will report directly to Dr. Corey Casper. We have an exciting new opportunity for a laboratory scientist to assume a leadership role overseeing the development of the UCI/HCCA Laboratory Program in Uganda. Currently, the UCI/HCCA results more than 25,000 lab tests annually in Uganda, and collaborates with at least 3 different laboratories in Kampala to provide results for translational studies on infection-related cancers. Construction has begun on a state-of-the-art cancer training and outpatient treatment facility in Kampala. This facility will contain specialized diagnostic laboratories, specifically a Clinical Lab, Molecular Diagnostics Lab, Immunology Lab, and Histopathology Lab.

The Laboratory Director will be responsible for establishing the new labs, including hiring personnel, organizing projects and processes, sourcing equipment and overseeing its installation, and establishing a first-rate set of laboratories compliant with GCP/GCLP guidelines. S/he will work with program leadership to evaluate the laboratory program needs and establish priorities. The Laboratory Director will also assume the current overall management of the Uganda laboratory operations. S/he will direct all day-to-day research laboratory activities, administer laboratory policies, and manage laboratory staff.

- Laboratory Activities and Projects
- Works with the investigators and US-based lab team to prepare the Uganda-based laboratory for research studies to be run at the site. Assist with establishment of new technologies in the lab.
- Assists investigators with grant writing.
- Evaluates laboratory program growth needs and establish priorities. Work with leadership to create comprehensive strategic plans for short term, mid-term and long-term research goals.
- Coordinate establishment of new techniques and assays in the laboratory.
- Participate in both formal and informal sharing of data amongst collaborating researchers and funding agencies.
- Provide leadership/mentorship and training of visiting researchers/post-docs within the lab.
- Act as a bridge between senior managers and directors in the US and Uganda for on-going research activities.

- Operations Management
- Supervises laboratory staff in accordance with FHCRC and Ugandan employment laws and regulations... Responsibilities will include hiring, training, daily oversight, performance management, etc.
- Direct day-to-day research laboratory activities in Uganda.
- Develop and administer laboratory policies. Oversee SOP development. Create new procedures and manuals according to protocol, IRB, grant/contract, collaborators and FHCRC specifications.
- With the assistance of FHCRC administrative staff, prepare, submit, and manage annual lab operating budget.
- Direct work flow of laboratory and execution of tasks of lab and ancillary staff.
- Manage annual maintenance and service contracts and ensure smooth operations of laboratory equipment.
- Coordinate other vendor/collaborator contract/agreements and renewals (eg standing orders, annual quotes from major suppliers, etc) for reagents, consumables, PPE, and other lab supplies.
- Manage laboratory based research collaborations with outside institutions (New business development).

- Relationship Building
- Establish strong working relationships with key stakeholders including program investigators and other local laboratory directors.
- Publicly represent the lab program with external constituency groups, including community, government, and private organizations.
- Develop working relationships with key vendors that will be supporting the work performed.
- Other duties as assigned.

The ideal candidate will have an advanced degree (M.D. or Ph.D) with a concentration in Pathology, Molecular Biology, Virology, Immunology and/or Laboratory Medicine or a related field with at least 2 years postdoctoral research experience. Expertise in human clinical trial development and implementation and GCLP/GCP experience is required.

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