Laboratory and mouse colony manager

Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School
Job Location: 
Center for Computational & Integrative Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
Commensurate with experience
Job Description: 

A full-time laboratory and mouse colony manager position is available immediately in the Xavier lab in the Center for Computational & Integrative Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital.

With the rapid progress in human genetics, it has become clear that a major challenge in the study of complex genetic traits is to determine how disease genes and their corresponding alleles exert their influences on the biology of health and disease. Our lab ( focuses on applying novel genomic, genetic, and chemical biology approaches to gain insights into the function of genetic variants underlying common inflammatory diseases and to explore the potential for reversing the effects of susceptibility alleles. To this end, we are developing genetically engineered mice and human primary cell models that recapitulate the defects found in patients with inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

Responsibilities of the position include:
• Mouse colony management (~30-35% time), including record keeping of >50 mouse colonies, oversight of husbandry and breeding, and anticipation of future needs.
• Lab management (~ 20-25% time), including periodic review, drafting and implementation of SOPs as needed, as well as oversight of inventory management and supplies procurement.
• Research projects using molecular and cellular biology techniques, in particular cell line-based work.
• Supervision and teaching of junior lab members.
• Ensure compliance with MGH policies and SOPs, local and other applicable regulatory requirements and best practice guidelines.


• Prior laboratory experience (at least 3-4 years) in a biology research lab.
• Demonstrated competence and experience in working with mouse models.
• Technical expertise in standard basic molecular and cellular techniques, including cell culture.
• Excellent attention to detail and ability to work on multiple projects.
• Good communication skills in oral and written English.

We are looking for enthusiastic, highly self-motivated candidates with excellent organizational skills who are effective at working independently, while also able to work as part of a team.

Contact Information: 

Interested candidates should email their CV, a cover letter explaining their relevant work experience and 3 names of references to Dr. Isabel Latorre at